Lars Ulrich names the best musical anthem of the last 25 years

Even someone like lars Ulrichthe iconic drummer of Metallica, has his own favorite songs and of course the one that stands out among the greatness. For the 58-year-old musician, the honorable mention goes to Kurt Cobain Y Nirvana who, according to him, are responsible for the “best musical anthem of the last 25 years“.

Though Nirvana only released three albums during their time together, Ulrich believes that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the theme that marked an entire era. when she had Joan Jett as a guest on his radio show, It’s Electric!before he performed the song at the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2014; Ulrich commented: “’Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the great musical anthem of the last 25 years“.

Naturally, he was in favor of the induction and, upon hearing the news, Ulrich said:

“Nirvana was a no-brainer from year one and I’m glad they’re getting long-deserved recognition for all they pioneered.”.

Via Far Out Magazine.

Unfortunately, Nirvana It was a group with Ulrich never crossed paths, and never had the opportunity to meet Cobain. However, they were about to meet on stage. Metallica had already made his way to superstardom when Nirvana He launched ‘Bleach’ in 1989 and, after ‘Nevermind’they wanted the clan of Cobain join them on the road.

According to Ulrichthe reason why such a presentation did not take place had nothing to do with Metallicabut with guns N’Rosesto whom Cobain despised, and with whom they were on a joint tour at the time. Speaking to NME in 2004, he recalled:

“I never met him, but our guitarist Kirk hammett I had a relationship with him. We were doing a tour with guns Nroses in the United States in 1992 and we wanted Nirvana come and join us.

Kirk he asked Kurtbut although he said he would play with Metallica anywhere in the world, at any time and in any setting; would not get on the same stage as guns Nroses; obviously she felt that Axl It was the antithesis of what he stood for.”

Via Far Out Magazine.

He added that Kurt Cobain is he “only rock’n’roll guy he never met and. that he really wanted to meet, apart from good Scott“, and that it’s a real shame we didn’t get to hear a fourth album by Nirvana.

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