Kristal Silva is furious in networks and puts a stop to those who claim that her injury is false

Kristal Silva today decided to give a forceful message about the state of her injury, since after returning to come the joy Today, many people began to claim that her injury was false, which annoyed the driver and she decided to stop them in networks.

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Kristal Silva through several stories on her social networks send a forceful message to all those users who claim that her injury is false, something that made her angry, this after appearing in Venga la Alegría with a green mini dress and a splint.

Although she herself accepted that sending this message was not prioritydecided to do it to shut up the mouths of people who just talk for the sake of talking without having any foundation, this is the first time that she has been branded a liar on the internet.

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Kristal Silva began by expressing how happy she feels to be able to return to her normal routineto later get to the point, “There I read what people said, how Kristal stands up in the stories, she is crossing her leg, surely she resigned and pure show, everything is falsehood”.

To later say that she does not play with health,

I don’t play with health, I don’t play with that kind of thing. What happened to me is real, obviously as you could tell, I can stand up, I never said I couldn’t, I keep my weight on one leg, which is the left in this case, second, crossing my legs with the right one hurts less, because it also depends a lot on the position. Do not assume and do not say if you do not know, the truth is that it was unnecessary to do this, but I had to say it

After this blunt message tShe finished with that smile that characterizes her so much. And yes, in her stories, her return with a splint on is observed, even one of her companions dedicated this phrase to her, “crippled, but never defeated”, well said.

So far that is all that is known about his injury, he has not touched on the subject in detail, a few days ago he commented that there was a possibility that he would need surgery. We are glad to see her return to the Venga la Alegría forums, she looks divine even crippled as her partner said.

So much so that he even shared a series of Photographs With a green dress that highlighted her tiny waist and prominent hips, which her followers immediately began to comment on with many compliments, it is a color that suits her very well.

We will keep you posted on any news Regarding her injury, hopefully it is just a matter of rest or certain habits so that it does not get worse, the important thing here is that she is well, and that as soon as possible she can continue with all her daily activities, she already started with the first one.

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