Kendrick Lamar criticizes Kyrie Irving’s anti-vaccine stance in new album song

Kendrick Lamar sent some verses to Kyrie Irving

Right now, everyone knows about the situation involving Kyrie Irving and the vaccine against COVID-19. Kyrie refused to be vaccinated, and during New York City’s restrictive laws, he was unable to play any home games for the Brooklyn Nets. Fortunately for Kyrie, the terms were eventually suspended, which allowed him to return to the court full-time.

Last night, Kendrick Lamar released his new album called Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, which happens to contain a very obvious reference to Kyrie Irving. Yep, that’s right, Kendrick decided to address Kyrie’s anti-vaccination rhetoric in the song. “Savior”that presents Baby Keem and Sam Dew.

kendrick cover

On the back, Kendrick talks about Christians who called the vaccine the “mark of the beast” only to change their tune when they were on ventilators in the hospital. It was a very strong criticism that ended up leading Kendrick to question the star of the NBA.

“I saw a Christian say the mark of the crossbow vaccine / Then he got COVID and prayed for Pfizer to save him / Then I got COVID and started questioning Kyrie,” he sings.

Kyrie’s views on the vaccine were seen as incredibly controversial, so there’s no doubt that Kendrick’s words here will be similarly received. Some may see this as correct, while others will take it as an unfair blow to someone who was just expressing their opinion and right to bodily autonomy,

Listen to the song below:

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