Kendrick Lamar confirms he has a new daughter and reveals the name of his first child

Kendrick Lamar refers to his son by name in a song on his new album

Fans are digging deep into the long-awaited new album by Kendrick Lamar, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. The album proved to be one of the rapper’s most personal to date, as he delves into his insecurities and addictions, including his addiction to sex and infidelity. One song even shows the superstar discussing his son, who he has so far kept out of the spotlight.

In his song “Worldwide Steppers”, which appears at the beginning of volume 1 of the double album, Kendrick includes the lines “My son Enoch is part two / When I expire my children will make higher valleys”, revealing his son’s name. . This revelation comes after Kendrick about her other daughter: “Playing ‘Baby Shark’ with my daughter / Watching sharks out there at the same time / Life as a protective parent, I would kill for her.”

These lines are in the context of a song that mostly details the dangers of success, particularly when it comes to dating. Kendrick describes his adventures with white women, and then, in typical Kendrick fashion, the rapper walks away to reflect on the greater societal ills that lead to objectification and immorality. The song is presented with a translation of Kodak Black.

On the new album, Kendrick had a lot to say about a variety of subjects, including the sexual abuse of R. Kelly and the anti-vaccine stance of Kyrie Irving. The major launch got everyone talking about the social mediaand we’ve all barely finished discussing “The Heart Part 5,” the single Kendrick dropped earlier this week.

As if one Kendrick drop wasn’t enough, the album contains a plethora of feats from the likes of Summer WalkerSamphaBaby KeemKodak Black and Ghostface Killah.

Check out Kendrick’s “Worldwide Steppers” below.

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