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katy sheen She is one of the most remembered reporters of the local show business. La Joven began her career as a journalist in the program “Amor, amor, amor” when the space was under the command of Carlos Cacho and Sofía Franco, some time later she was introduced by Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Miter.

Currently, she is still linked to shows and remains active on social networks. She also leads a program aimed at entrepreneurs.

In this note we tell you what happened to katy sheenthe well-remembered reporter from “Amor, amor, amor”, and what she currently does.


How did Katy Sheen start in the world of television?

Through a video on TikTok, katy sheen She said that she started as a reporter on the program “Love love love” at 19 years-old. She worked in the first season with Carlos Cacho and Sofía Franco. However, her presence became more noticeable when Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter took over the leadership. When the program changed its name to “Válgame Dios”, she was still working on said Latina production.

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Katy Sheen assumes the leadership of “Válgame Dios”

In August 2019, Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter announced their departure from “Válgame Dios” due to “professional disagreements” with the Latina entertainment production management led by Susana Umbert.

After this, Karla Tarazona, Katy Sheen, Kurt Villavicencio and Janet Barboza were announced as the replacement. A few months later (December), the communicator confirmed her departure. And the program disappeared after the controversial comments that Ricardo ‘Zorro’ Zupe launched live about a delicate case.

Kathy Sheen took over the leadership of “Válgame Dios”. Photo: capture of Latina

Kathy Sheen out of work in pandemic

Like thousands of Peruvians, Kathy Sheen was also left without a job. She managed and found a way to get ahead. I became an expert in biosafety and delivery items, ”she wrote on her networks.

It should be noted that, before the pandemic, the journalist already had her cake business called Sheen factory.

Kathy Sheen has her cake company. Photo: Kathy Sheen/Instagram


Kathy Sheen in “On the Sixth Day”

After several months without work, Katy Sheen returned to her roots as a reporter on “on the sixth day”. In one of her last works, she was seen becoming a dancer from the Amazon on her tour of Tarapoto.

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Different course with a new project

In May 2021, Katy Sheen announced a new project called “Recontra chamba”, an entrepreneurial program broadcast on BHtv. The communicator is the conductor of said space.

Kathy Sheen host of “Recontra chamba”. Photo: Kathy Sheen/Instagram

The influencer Sheen

With almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, Katy Sheen She has become quite an influencer, since she uses this platform to promote water and vitamins.

Kathy Sheen, the influencer. Photo: Instagram

Kathy Sheen was a victim of crime

Journalist Kathy Sheen surprised her followers by posting a TikTok where she tells in her own style how she was a victim of citizen insecurity. It turns out that when he left her house to get into her car, he noticed that her rear-view mirrors had disappeared. She tried to make fun of the situation and wrote this description in the video: “This country is getting worse and worse!”

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“Today is a s*** day (laughs). I woke up very pretty without the mirrors of my car. That’s right, crime at its finest. On top of that, my insurance doesn’t cover that plan because I had an intermediate one because I’m jobless. Just that plan doesn’t cover mirrors, it covers you killing someone, but not mirrors.”

How many followers does Kathy Sheen have on Instagram?

The journalist shares her day-to-day with her followers on Instagram, where she has more than 94 thousand followers. In addition, in her personal information she states that she is a lover of reading, founder of the Sheen factory enterprise and as she is known, she assures that she is a communicator and journalist. On the other hand, Kathy Sheen makes collaborations for other companies.

Kathy Sheen followers on Instagram. Photo: Capture IKathy Sheen/Instagram

Kathy Sheen outraged with Cathy Sáenz

The reporter suffered a rudeness from Cathy Sáenz during one of her visits to the set of Latina Televisión. Kahty Sheen was a guest on the “Women in Command” program, where the former producer of “This is War” was present. Seeing the young woman next to Karen Schwarz, then host of the magazine, the popular “Mamacha” expressed her. “Karen, I’m here. Look, I haven’t moved”, to which the model said: “We are a family and we must work as a family”.

Cathy Sáenz and her annoyance with the presence of Katy Sheen in “Women in command”

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