Jupi77ter: member of Rap Plus Size releases first solo album “RG”

Album comes with the need to put Jupi77er’s identity in evidence, for being a non-binary transmasculine person

jupi77er , MC, poet, composer, entrepreneur, presenter and also a member of the duo Rap Plus Size – shows his transition process to non-binarity with the album “RG”, now available on all digital platforms and released by the TRME label. The track “Não Nasci Mulher” opens the album with a portrayal of jupi77er to “Eu Nasci”, a song recorded in “A Arte da Refutação”, when he was still signed with the name of Issa Peace.

“This first poetry had a transphobic premise and lack of understanding about gender, which today I can better elucidate. Thus, this poetic “diss” is a way of showing that I no longer agree with those ideas given back then and that today I think differently, with what makes sense to me”, comments the artist, showing himself to be quite confident.

The album, with 10 tracks, is produced by OOFCY BASS. The sound ranges from hip hop, boombap, drill, trap, samba, funk and even experiments where jupi77er works with textures and vocal extensions in different melodic lines. Gabrelú, musician, creative director, producer and performer, participates in the song “Pensa que me Sabe”. “I identify a lot with the music of Gabrelú, a black, non-binary person, created from Votorantim, in the interior of São Paulo. Elu arrives heavy in the lyrics, showing the importance of racializing the trans non-binary debate”.

“The idea for this work came after my name was changed. I already had several lyrics ready in need of a beat and it was necessary to put a solo project of mine on the street, since the previous ones have the old name. “RG” came, then, with the need to put my identity in evidence, because I am a non-binary transmasculine person. We don’t have a lot of recognizable non-binary artists in hip hop, especially fat non-binary people. I hope that this scenario can change and that this draws attention to the cause, giving visibility and showing that our identity is real and we are here creating, living and making it happen”, he said.

In addition to addressing his transition process as the central theme of the album, jupi77er it also reveals his belief as an umbandista, referencing entities and orixás of African origin in several letters. “I can’t talk about my identification as non-binary transmasculine without talking about my spiritual process that came with it, in the same package. Axé saved me and I am very grateful for that, ”he says. Speaking about empowerment and self-affirmation, Jupi77er celebrates his existence in a legitimate and original way, willing – above all – to embrace others who connect with his experiences.

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