Jennifer López reinvents elegance in a hummingbird pajama-style suit, ideal for mature women

Jennifer López reinvents elegance in a hummingbird pajama-style suit, ideal for mature women. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

JLo is one of the most chameleon-like artists in the art world, because, although she can sometimes look extremely flirtatious in tiny outfits and showing off her attributes to the fullest, in other cases she exudes class and style, as she did recently. Jennifer López reinvents elegance with a hummingbird pajama-style suit, ideal for women over 40.

With all the grace and elegance that characterizes her, the singer with Puerto Rican roots, Jennifer López, looked fresh and rosy with an incredible outfits that could become the obsession of any woman, because it is adorable for its pattern, and at the same time very sophisticated, flattering and fresh for the Summer. Jennifer Lopez he knows very well what he does.

This is an amazing set of Nahmias silk from the season of summer 2022made up of loose trousers and an oversized long-sleeved button-down shirt, with an adorable print of colorful hummingbirds on a shimmering white background.

The beautiful performer marry me, Waiting for Tonight Y change the stepcombined her sophisticated outfit with cute white Gucci platform sneakers with super high chunky heels, as well as a carmine red Maison Valentino square clutch bag, and Quay Australia sunglasses.

A Jennifer Lopez She was seen modeling happily and very smiling on the private plane landing strip, where hers was waiting for her to board, while the wind played with her hair, looking wonderful and empowered.

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“An icon, loving this woman since they were flying girls back in the In Living Color days”, “The outfit, the bag!”, “She looks adorable”, “My new travel outfit when I get back home” , “I loved the outfit”, “Stylish icon”, “

The gorgeous 52-year-old singer and actress, who recently premiered her movie marry melooked carefree and happy, after having been in the eye of the hurricane for having presented her daughter Emme Muniz as non-binary, through the inclusive language for the LGBT+ community “elle”, when he sang with her in a duet at a concert offered over the weekend.

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“Elle is very very busy, full of reservations in her schedule and she is so good, it costs me a lot when Elle goes out, but she is worth every penny because she is my favorite direct associate of all time, so if I may …”, he announced JLo, before her daughter appeared on stage.

And although, so far, Jennifer Lopez has not given an official statement about her daughter’s gender identity, it has been very obvious to everyone that Emme identifies as “non-binary”.

Emme took the stage to sing with her mother, showing off her incredible and powerful voice, as she has rarely done. In fact, the actress Hustlers, the Wall Street Scammers Y Selena She stressed that she always begs him to sing with her, and he rejects her all the time, except on special occasions, like at the Super Bowl in 2020.

“The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this and I ask her to sing with me all the time and she doesn’t. So this is a very special occasion”, he expressed when presenting it.

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