Jefferson Farfán prevented Jazmín Pinedo from knowing the ‘bunker’ located in his house | Magaly Medina | entertainment

Jazmín Pinedo generated great controversy in recent days due to the interview that allowed her to get to know Jefferson Farfán’s house in detail. The presenter received strong criticism from Magaly Medina, who considered that her colleague lost a great opportunity to learn more about the personal life of the national soccer player.

Although the new host of America responded strongly to the ‘Urraca’, her program “More shows” showed a new excerpt from what was this tour of the home of the so-called ’10 de la calle’.

As had already been seen, the belongings and luxurious clothes that the striker has left “Chinita” surprised when she learned of their high economic value.


Jefferson prevented Jasmine from knowing the ‘bunker’

During this tour, Jazmín Pinedo stated that she had a mission: to visit the famous ‘bunker’ located in the house of Jefferson Farfan. Apparently, the driver would have found it.

When she was about to enter together with her cameraman, the Peruvian selected took her by the hand and took her to another area of ​​her home.

Jazmín Pinedo asks to stop confrontation with Magaly

In the latest edition of his program, Jasmine Pinedo He spoke again about the attacks received by Magaly Medina. In that sense, she clarified that hers is something personal’. The former reality girl asked to stop this confrontation by assuring that if she receives respect, she will return the same.

Jazmín Pinedo and Magaly Medina have been holding a strong media confrontation. Photo: Capture America TV/ATV

“The only thing that happens is that he sees a young woman demanding respect. If you respect me, you will get the same. The only thing this person demands of you is respect. I have not attacked it, I do not want to destroy it. I gave him some of that medicine you give out daily. Respect to be respected, ”she indicated.

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