Jazmin Pinedo, Magaly Medina | Janet Barboza supports the ‘little girl’ for confronting the host of Magaly tv, the firm: “She told him what many of us think” | Instagram | entertainment

congratulates her! Janet Barboza applauded the statements made by Jazmín Pinedo to confront Magaly Medina, who harshly criticized “Chinita” for her interview with Jefferson Farfán.

Through her social networks, the popular “Rulitos” highlighted the strength that the host of “More shows” had to defend herself and rebuke the figure of ATV.


Janet Barboza supports Jazmín Pinedo

The presenter of “America today”, in addition to supporting the ‘Chinita’, took advantage of this opportunity to attack Magaly, as a result of all the confrontations they have previously starred in.

“She feeds on the fear that many women in this country have of her, especially young women, who are terrified of her and put up with being humiliated and dishonored,” she said.

Immediately, he highlighted Jasmine’s courage to tell Medina her truths: You must be ashamed to go after the penguin while he sang to the golden girls.”

Post by Janet Barboza Photo: Instagram

What did Jazmín Pinedo say to Magaly Medina?

Jazmín Pinedo did not tolerate the strong qualifications she received from Magaly Medina, who assured that he had “flirted” with Jefferson Farfán during the interview he conducted. For this reason, he responded and clarified that he will not allow them to disrespect him in that way.

“I am not going to allow anyone, much less you, to minimize me as a woman to a piece of object with horrible and disgusting qualifiers and adjectives”.

“I am not an object and I do not need to put a bow on myself. We did not see each other for the first time, we have been friends for many years and we allow ourselves the license to annoy each other and joke around. I am a young, hard-working woman who is dedicated to her family; And yes, I consider myself an example for many empowered young women, for you to reduce me to an object and a piece of meat, placing me as a gift, ”she added.

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