Jazmín Pinedo lashes out at Magaly Medina: “You are only dedicated to attacking, you are a misogynist” | Magaly Tv signs it | Videos | entertainment

Jasmine Pinedo He reappeared on television to return criticism to Magaly Medina, who spoke about his message on June 17. She regretted that some brands continue to sponsor her program, since she considers that she is dedicated to attacking women.

“Let him worry about his sponsors. “, He said.


“All it does is denigrate, defame and attack women in this country. You are a misogynist. The worst thing that’s ever happened to television. I want times to change,” she added.

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Throw dart at the rating of “Magaly TV, the firm”

In addition, he referred to the rating he does with his ampays. He did not tolerate negative comments towards América TV programs and decided to make some clarifications.

“Before, I used to roll it over. At the bottom there is room, now Luz de Luna does it,” he said. “You are the worst,” she added at another time.


Magaly’s comment that upset Jasmine

At another time, he said he was not afraid of him, but sad. As you remember, she was criticized for having interviewed Jefferson Farfán. The host questioned her about how she approached the report on the Peruvian soccer player.

“You have to put yourself in the driver’s plan. They haven’t told you ‘go giléate’. They told you ‘go interview him, go show his house’”, was the comment that infuriated the figure of América TV.

“He didn’t even ask about the brand of the shoes. (Jefferson) has a lot of jewelry, bracelets, watches. He could have asked her,” Medina continued.

“The ‘China’ was more concerned with flirting than with asking him things that the public would have been interested in. Therefore, what she did there has not transpired. It seems like a totally wasted interview to me, ”she said on that show.

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