Jazmín Pinedo answers Magaly Medina for an interview with Jefferson Farfán: “How retrograde and macho” | entertainment

She was not silent! Jasmine Pinedo She was outraged after Magaly Medina minimized the interview she conducted with the soccer player and assured that she dedicated herself to flirting with him instead of asking him interesting questions.

Given the strong comments she received from the ATV figure, the popular “Chinita” asked for respect and described her as “retrograde and macho” for saying that this interview should have been carried out by a man.


Jazmín Pinedo defends her interview with Jefferson Farfán

Magaly Medina criticized the interview that Jazmín Pinedo did to the famous ’10 de la Calle’ and hinted that the model would have been insinuating to the soccer player during their conversation. This comment bothered the former reality girl and reminded her that she is not an object as she would have implied by telling her to ‘take off the bow’.

“(…) I am not going to allow anyone, much less you, to minimize me as a woman to a piece of object with horrible and disgusting qualifiers and adjectives,” he said in his “+ Shows” space.

“I am not an object and I do not need to put a bow on myself. We did not see each other for the first time, we have been friends for many years and we allow ourselves the license to annoy each other and joke around. I am a young, hard-working woman who is dedicated to her family; and yes, I consider myself an example for many empowered young women, for you to reduce me to an object and a piece of meat, placing me as a gift”he mentioned with obvious annoyance.

Jazmín Pinedo stands out for her program

In addition, Jazmín Pinedo assured that the program that she has started hosting is giving content to Magaly Medinabecause he has dedicated himself to criticizing her and putting images on her program.

he highlighted.

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Jasmine Pinedo attacks Magaly Medina

Likewise, the “chinita” did not hesitate to tell Magaly Medina that her program is the worst on Peruvian television, because the content she exposes is only destructive.

“The worst thing on TV for our genre is you and your show,” he said.

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