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In recent days, Jazmín Pinedo has been in the news again after defending herself against the attacks of Magaly Medina, who harshly criticized her on her program for the way she interviewed Jefferson Farfán.

However, it is not the first time that Jasmine Pinedo publicly confronts a media figure. For this reason, in this note we remind you of some discussions that the popular ‘Chinita’ has starred in throughout her television career.


Rosangela Espinoza

In 2020, Jazmín Pinedo and ‘The selfie girl’ experienced a tense moment during the live broadcast of “This is war”. The problem arose as a result of a misunderstanding, since “Chinita” thought that Rosángela Espinoza ordered her to shut up when in fact she was addressing Jota Benz.

Pinedo said very upset. To which the member of the combatants replied: “You are the driver and I am a competitor, so each one in her place.”

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Johanna San Miguel

The incident between the two occurred during the broadcast of “This is war” in March 2014. It all started when the permanence of the Brazilian was decided Raphael Cardozo in the reality competition. He had already resigned, but his companions tried to defend him and others to attack him.


Johanna San Miguel He asked the reality boys to be quiet so he can make a good decision. However, at that precise moment Jazmín Pinedo wanted to give his opinion, but she was silenced by the driver. This caused the popular “Chinita” to get angry and start screaming. “Respect, Jasmine.

A year later, Milett Figueroa said that both almost went to blows after leaving the air. “There was once a confrontation. Yes, it was seen on screen, but off screen it was much worse. Jazmín Pinedo with Johanna almost came to blows. A lot of things were said. Like one disrespected the other and they almost came to blows (in court). Thousands of things were said. They have a very strong character. They almost came to blows, but the producers grabbed them.”

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Alexandra Baigorria

In 2016, Alejandra Baigorria and Jazmín Pinedo had an altercation on the show shows, space that both were driving at the time. During the discussion, Jazmín complained to Baigorria for allegedly speaking ill of her in front of third parties, despite the friendship that united them.


Live, the “Blonde of Gamarra” denied having used negative qualifiers against her; However, the popular “Chinita” continued to assure that there was an audio in which she expressed herself badly.

Jazmin Pinedo and Alejandra Baigorria staged a strong fight live

And indeed, days later the recording came to light in which Baigorria is heard saying the following: That she is nothing because they make room for her. Who did she beat? She is a driver by a stroke of luck, who knows what she did to be where she is”.

After its broadcast, Alejandra apologized to Jazmín and assured that if she felt uncomfortable, she had no problem resigning. “I apologize and nothing he says there is true because you never mistreated me and only supported me.”

Jazmín Pinedo shoots Magaly for her desire to “destroy”

Jasmine Pinedo She didn’t stay quiet after Magaly Medina criticized his interview with Jefferson Farfán in the block of shows on América Televisión and insinuated that he flirted with the Peruvian team.

“She says that I went to the interview with Jefferson Farfán in ‘hunter’ mode and that only a man could do that. How retrograde and sexist her comment! ”, She expressed.

Jazmín Pinedo could not stand Magaly Medina’s criticism and attacked her. Photo: Capture/America TV

“I am not going to allow anyone, much less you, to minimize me as a woman to a piece of object with horrible and disgusting qualifiers and adjectives,” added the ‘Chinita’.

Magaly answers Jazmín Pinedo

During her program on ATV, Magaly Medina responded forcefully to Jazmin Pinedo. “That is why Peru is the way it is. Journalism is there to bother, not to bribe, “said the driver.

He continued with an observation about national reporters. “Unfortunately, many political journalists find it difficult to make them uncomfortable, to ask questions that make the president uncomfortable (…). He doesn’t feel emboldened. We journalists are the ones who have the voice of what many people want to do, but cannot”, said Magaly.

Magaly Medina outraged at Jazmín Pinedo’s statements about her son. Photo: composition/ATV capture/America TV capture

They remind Jazmín Pinedo that Magaly’s son wrote a letter proud of her

After the discussions that broke out in recent days between the drivers Jazmín Pinedo and Magaly Medina, users on social networks reminded the first that at some point the son of the “Urraca” sent him a letter to make known how proud he was of his mother.

Her fans decided to publish the excerpt from the video of the letter, broadcast on the extinct program “Public Enemies”, addressed to the model through TikTok. The text was shared in the extinct magazine “Etiqueta negra”.

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Jazmín Pinedo responds to Magaly: “My sponsors are not bothered that I defend myself”

Jazmín Pinedo questioned Magaly Medina’s behavior again. The popular “Chinita” criticized the work of the television presenter. Likewise, she assured that she at no time offended the son of the “Urraca” and assured that her sponsors are not bothered by her defense.

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Jazmín Pinedo: What did the directors of América TV say about Magaly Medina’s attacks?

This Monday, June 20, ‘Choca’ Mandros assured that he had a meeting with the channel’s board of directors to talk about the presenter’s fight with Magaly Medina. Along the same lines, he mentioned that his partner on the program has everyone’s support and even thanked the sponsors who continue to bet on the space.

he added.

‘Choca’ Mandros supports Jazmín Pinedo. Photo: Diffusion

Magaly showed that Jazmín Pinedo was with “Joselito” when he had a relationship

Among the dimes and diretes that the drivers gave each other, there is the explosive comment of Jazmín Pinedo, who assured that she had never been with a man who had a partner and challenged Magaly Medina to try to deny her, a fact that she achieved in her program.

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The “Chinita” was supported by Joselito Carrera when she was 17 years old, when the driver had a relationship with the model Tatiana Merel. “Yes, I was with Joselito when I saw the ampay,” she told the ‘Urraca’ reporters.

Magaly reveals details of her affair with her boss and teacher

Magaly Medina’s revelation occurred in 2019, the year in which she gave an interview to the program “Andrea at noon”. There, the television host said the following: “He (Marco Mendoza) is getting married again and I brought my son closer to his father and his family, but he, I don’t know why, I think he always felt short, he lost contact with his son,” Medina said. She also added that since she could not do this, she decided to bring him closer to her partner, the journalist César Lengua.

“I am getting married for the second time, at the age of 26, with César Lengua, who was my professor at Jaime Bausate y Meza (university) and one of my bosses. He assumes the role of father in front of my son and that is something that I have to thank, “the controversial presenter mentioned at the time.

Samuel Suárez criticizes Jazmín Pinedo for attacks on Magaly

The youtuber ‘Samu’ criticized the way in which Jazmín Pinedo took criticism from Magaly Medina. “He has responded to Magaly because yesterday she destroyed it (…) What I don’t understand is why ‘China’ gets itchy; Well, we know that she has been talkative all her life and apparently it has hurt her a lot to be told that she went to Farfán’s house with her bow tie, because it is true, she committed some excesses ”

Samuel Suárez does not understand how América TV allowed Jazmín Pinedo to fight back against Magaly Medina. Photo: Magaly Medina/Instagram, Instarándula/Instagram, Jazmín Pinedo/instagram

What do the directors of América TV think about Magaly Medina’s attacks on Jazmín Pinedo?

‘Choca’ Mandros assured during the program that he hosts with Jazmín Pinedo, that he had a meeting with the channel’s board of directors to talk about the presenter’s fight with the figure of ATV. In this sense, he mentioned that his partner in the program has everyone’s support and even thanked the sponsors who continue to bet on the space.

Magaly Medina and Jazmín Pinedo have said everything. Photo: LR composition

“Thank you, Jazmín, and something that is clear, and that I was just talking to directors of the channel, is that she is the host of this program and has all the space so that she can say what she likes,” she said. “Thanks to all the sponsors who trust in ‘More Shows,'” she added.

Jefferson Farfán prevented Jazmín Pinedo from knowing the ‘bunker’ inside his house

Jazmín Pinedo was involved in the controversy after she interviewed Jefferson Farfán. According to Magaly Medina, the driver missed a great opportunity to find out more details about the Alianza Lima footballer’s personal life.

Also, despite the fact that the model trusted Farfán, he did not let her enter his popular “bunker”, a place inside his house where he holds parties and celebrations. As Pinedo was about to enter, the player took her elsewhere and prevented her from meeting him.

Jazmín Pinedo got to know in detail the interior of the house of Jefferson Farfán. Photo: Capture America TV

Jazmín Pinedo reminds Magaly that she is not a leader in ratings

During her “+ Shows” block, Jazmín Pinedo asked Urraca not to deceive the public by presuming a supposedly larger audience at night.

“Stop lying to people. If you want to talk about rating, I will. She wallowed in him all his life ‘There’s room in the background’, now ‘Luz de luna’ does it. You are not the leader on your schedule,” she told him. “The artists he talks about give him a rating,” she added.

The funniest memes left by their confrontation on TV

The memes of the confrontation between Magay Medina and Jazmín Pinedo. Photo: Twitter

Internet users made fun of Jazmín Pinedo. Photo: Twitter

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