‘It’s the Cup, it only comes out at halftime between games’ says bus driver to justify a 40-minute delay

The driver’s response went viral because everyone was already in the World Cup mood

THE world Cup It is an event that really affects Brazilians. Yesterday morning (23), the fourth day of the World Cup in Qatar, passengers took 40 minutes to catch the only bus on the Brasília line, which passes by Avenida João Brasil, in Niterói. The collective is the only means of public transport that passes through the stretch, as revealed by the O Globo newspaper.

When the driver finally arrived at the stop, while people were waiting for the bus in a temperature of more than 30ºC, a woman questioned him about the delay in the arrival of the service. “It’s Cup, ma’am. I only go out during half-time”, some took the comment in stride, but there were those who were very irritated by the situation.

It wasn’t the game Brazilthe first game on yesterday’s World Cup schedule was the duel between morocco and croatia, which ended goalless. then the Germany was surprised to lose by 2×1, in turn, to the Japan🇧🇷

It is worth remembering that due to the game, the hours of offices, banks and commerce will change. Shops will close 30 minutes before kick-off and reopen 30 minutes after the end of the game. Some food courts in shopping centers will broadcast the games.

By determination of the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), bank branches will operate from 9am to 2pm this Thursday. State public offices will have opening hours from 7 am to 1 pm, this Thursday. Following the schedule of state departments, all Detran-PE units open from 7am to 1pm this Thursday.

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