“It’s like breathing for him”

Earlier this month, Red Hot Chilli Peppers embarked on their first tour with John frusciante in 15 years and, it seems, that the guitarist took up his position right where he left off. If you’re skeptical about that, just check out the following clip of a recent guitar solo by his bandmate, fleerecorded and posted on Instagram.

“Yeeeeeeah, throw it down John”– the bassist subtitled the video, where you can see Frusciant offering one of his already classic and heartbreaking 😩 guitar solos. “It’s like breathing for him. I treasure these moments.”

For now, the RHCP they find each other currently touring Europe, and will continue that leg before heading to North America in July.

Since reuniting with the band in 2019, John frusciante he has talked so much about his decision to leave them (for the second time) in 2009; as of his decision to return 10 years later. And in this context, flee he remembered the intense conversation that led to his most recent return.

It turns out that they were having dinner with their respective partners and, for a moment alone, flee He freely expressed his feelings. “I just said, ‘From the bottom of my heart, I miss playing with you.'”ensuring that tears began to fill his eyes, after the words left his mouth.

“I hadn’t told him, because I wanted to respect what he wanted to do. He was very respectful of what we did, although I imagined it wasn’t always easy for him.”

Nevertheless, Frusciant she felt the same, and her eyes began to fill with tears as well. “He answered me saying: ‘I miss playing with you too’said Flea.

After such an emotional moment, flee he told everything to the vocalist Anthony Kiedisand they made the difficult decision to replace the then guitarist Josh Klinghoffer by Frusciant.

“Through a little bit of cosmic meditation, we got to the place where we really had no choice,” Kiedis explained. “It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to Josh, but it was also heartbreaking to have John back.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and former guitarist John Frusciante reunite in public for the first time in over a decade

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