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ishmael la rosa and Virna Flores are two Peruvian actors who have participated in various national and international productions, achieving recognition in various countries.

How did Ismael La Rosa and Virna Flores meet?

ishmael la rosa and Virna Flores met in 1997 while filming the telenovela “La rica Vicky,” in which the actress gained popularity for her portrayal of Vicky Carranza. In addition, she shared a recording set with Ismael La Rosa, who played Gonzalo Villarán. This is how romance crossed the screens and was born in real life.

After the success of the production, the couple began their romantic relationship and, shortly after, moved to the United States, where they continued to grow professionally. As a result of the romance, their two children were born and now both make up one of the most stable relationships.

However, on various occasions the two have stated that not everything is rosy and that, like any coexistence, it has its ups and downs; but they have overcome all obstacles and decided to stay together.

Ismael La Rosa and Virna Flores met at the casting for the novel “La rica Vicky” in 1997. Photo: diffusion

How many years have Ismael La Rosa and Virna Flores been married?

Currently, the couple has been married for 24 years and this December they will be 25 from that union that remains stable so far. The spouses have known how to maintain their sentimental relationship in private and away from scandals.

Ismael La Rosa and Virna Flores are about to celebrate 25 years of marriage. Photo: composition LR/Ismael La Rosa/Virna Flores/Instagram

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