Iron Man makes his marriage proposal, but it’s a huge failure

If you’re afraid to declare your love for the person you love, well, maybe you’re right. It is certainly not very encouraging, but it is difficult to believe in his chances when even a billionaire and Super hero as Tony Stark/Iron Man gets snubbed by the woman he’s in love with.

When Tony Stark wants to focus on his private life

The universe of superheroes and that of Marvel even more, is a universe filled with charismatic characters, supervillains who threaten the balance of the world or even the universe and epic battles. But that would be to forget its more intimate dimension. After all, most of the superheroes that we appreciate are first and foremost humans who are trying somehow to have a stable private life. Just ask Tony Stark.

If fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe necessarily know Pepper Potts, it is towards another woman that the billionaire turned in the last series of comic books Iron Man being dedicated to him. In Iron Man #20he asks for Patsy Walker, alias Hellcat, in marriage. But Tony Stark’s little arc reactor may have a hard time recovering from the answer.

And a rake for Tony Stark

In the number #20 comics Iron Man published this Wednesday, June 15, 2022, Patsy Walker comes to recover Tony Stark after three months of detox. As they discuss this situation and the progress of their relationship at a bar, the latter hands a letter to the young woman, in which he asks her to marry him. Disconcerted, she asks him to take time to think about it, referring in particular to his complicated situation and his toxic relationship with his ex, Daimon Hellstorm, a superhero/sorcerer endowed with powerful magical powers, which she has not always no discount.

Some time later, she comes back to him and throws him a sentence that no man wants to hear after a marriage proposal: “I really love you. More than I thought… But I… can’t. Not now. I’m sorry.” Ouch, blow to Tony.

But the man we know best as Iron Man is definitely not going to give up. No doubt that the relationship between the two protagonists will continue to evolve in the next issues, as author Christopher Cantwell pointed out earlier this year. For more details on this subject, we invite you to consult our on this subject. Either way, Marvel fans are currently focused on their screens, since the series Miss Marvel is currently airing on Disney+ and that Thor: Love and Thunder will land on July 13 in our dark rooms!

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