“Irina Karamanos Cabinet”: government decree generates wave of reactions

At the close of the session yesterday, Tuesday, June 21, the social networks reacted after the official nominal modification to the position of First Lady was presented, which until that moment was occupied by Irina Karamanos, partner of President Gabriel Boric.

As the anthropologist had announced in January of this year, her goal was always to change and modernize her role within the Government; Therefore, from now on, instead of being the First Lady of the republic, she will be in charge of the “Cabinet of Irina Karamanos”; using her natural name instead of the role historically used by her predecessors, DNA slogan.

According to the official resolution made by the Presidency; The current president of the foundations of the Presidency «will be responsible for identifying, proposing and coordinating strategic guidelines and programmatic definitions for public policies; with the aim of contributing to the eradication of inequality and discrimination of historically excluded groups, with an intersectoral approach, human rights and a gender perspective.

“Irina Karamanos Cabinet”: reactions on social networks

The new role of Irina Karamanos caused noise in social networks, since it also gives her new powers in her charge that would be more related to the portfolios of Social Development and Women and Gender Equity, making both “First Lady” as “Irina Karamanos” were the main trends of the moment on Twitter.

Former prosecutor Carlos Gajardo commented in his profile that the main problem of the resolution “is having advisers with important salaries, without preparation or experience that makes you these own goals. It is important to understand that the State cannot be an employment agency. Fewer friends and more professionals.

There were also reactions from the opposition.

Deputy Juan Antonio Coloma assured that “changing the name of the position ‘First Lady’ for ‘Irina Karamanos’ is typical of a monarchy. Unpresentable, we will resort to the Comptroller’s Office.”

The former presidential candidate of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, questioned the announcement. “At what point did our Republic become a Monarchy? Why does Irina Karamanos have a cabinet with a first and last name? Why is the State at the service of them and not of the Chileans? What a shame”; he pointed to it.

The former presidential candidate, Mario Desbordes, also spoke: “If this is effective, it is at least a mistake, and it shows a lousy team of advisers. It is of the essence of public offices, that they are impersonal». To this, he pointed out that he hopes that it will be corrected as soon as possible, if it is an error: “The one who has a cabinet is the minister, mayor, not the person who holds the position.”

Away from the political debate, and giving a share of humor in the face of a new tense moment that the Government is experiencing, social network users shared several memes of this particular decision that the Executive, so far, has not yet clarified.

Check out the best reactions below…

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