In the recorder… by Isabelle Brouillette

Every Monday, a personality shares their favorite shows with us. This week, we spoke to Isabelle Brouillette, who we saw recently in Forever, not a dayon Crave, and in Of Pierre as a girl on ICI Tou.TV’s Extra. The actress also signs the illustrations for a first children’s book created with her friend Édith Cochrane, behind my chair.


“I hadn’t looked Borgen. With the release of the new season, it intrigued me. It’s really interesting because you learn a lot about Danish politics. They have a composition of government very different from ours. I’m on board! I started watching this this week. I feel like I’m educating myself. I am completely under the spell of the main actress, of all the actors. I highly recommend Borgen. »

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My Octopus Teacher

“It’s a documentary by a South African filmmaker, in depression, who is taking a year off. He lives by the sea and decides to dive day after day with his camera, a little in a desire for healing. He will start to observe an octopus [avec laquelle] he will develop a relationship. It’s captivating! See how the octopus lives, its intelligence, how it plays. And it feels good ! It’s a film full of colors, we’re in the water, it’s soft and we learn more things. »

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Top chef

“It’s a classic culinary competition series. It’s French. All episodes are on YouTube. When you get into that, you fall into a television bulimia, because these are two-hour episodes. It is of the highest culinary level. We are not filming mistakes in the kitchen or races against time. We are presented with spectacular imaginations. It makes you want to cook. We are not in something centered on fault or ignorance. We are rather in admiration and glorification of their talent. Top chef, I’m crazy about this. »

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