in the face of criticism, a drastic decision was taken in Paris

For a few years now, France has been invaded by self-service electric scooters. The metropolises of France have been forced to adapt, while this urban solution offers their inhabitants a new means of transport on the go. Only, Faced with the strong criticism they have been the subject of for years, self-service electric scooters have been forced to bow to the new Paris decision.

an image to restore

The streets of the capital are full of them, self-service electric scooters are regularly the subject of strong criticism. Lack of protection for their users, dangerous traffic, problematic parking, the service is far from perfect. Three of the main players in the sector, namely Lime, Dott and Tier, held a press conference this Thursday, November 24. The opportunity for these giants to announce that self-service scooters would no longer be accessible to minors.

What’s more, from this Monday, November 28, 2022, Parisian scooters will be equipped with a license plate, aiming to “make users more responsible“. An announcement which is part of the list of eleven proposals submitted to the town hall of Paris by these major players, whose contract ends at the end of next February. The companies are therefore trying to restore their respective images in the hope of falling back into the good graces of the mayor of Paris.

Especially since their use had been questioned at the end of September by the Council of Paris, when the opposition even demanded the banning of self-service electric scooters. Hot topic: security. In 2021, 22 users of electric scooters were killed in France, recalls Ouest-France. Despite everything, the CEO of Dott wants to be categorical: “No, scooters are not more dangerous than others. It’s the only bridled way.”

What about their use then? Well, according to the figures presented by Fluctuo, a specialist in mobility data, shared during the press conference, the number of self-service scooter rides increased by 88% between November 2021 and October 2022, compared to the same period between 2020 and 2021. A use that also increases during strikes or when public transport is affected by technical problems. Problems that have continued to multiply since the start of the school year, while the price of the Navigo pass seems to be heading towards an increase in its monthly subscription to 90 euros per month.

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