In the background there is room | Paco Bazán is moved to see his ‘son’ Richard Jr. at AFHS 2022: “He is beautiful, although he is not that much like me” | Richard Wilkinson | Magdyel Ugaz | entertainment

Paco Bazan He took a few minutes from his program to comment on the premiere of “Al fondo hay lugar”, which took place on Wednesday, June 22, on América TV. With great enthusiasm, the television host explained that what moved him the most was seeing little Rodrigo Barba in front of cameras, who now embodies the son he had with La Teresita.

“I am very excited. I have the emotion of every father who knows his son. Today I met my son. Well, I’ve seen him again after seven years. The child is beautiful. He is not so similar to me to be honest, but he is a beautiful mixture between the mother, who is gorgeous, and the father, who is a man, ”he expressed during the broadcast of“ Sportsman on another court ”.


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Paco Bazán asks to be called to record “In the background there is room”

At another point, the animator took advantage of the occasion to ask Gigio Aranda (producer of the ninth season of “AFHS”to call him to play Richard Wilkinson again.

“It would seem fair to me that this child grows up with his father. The father has to be by his side, so Gigio (Aranda), before they put another actor thinking that I can’t, my contract says that I can record fiction, I can do theater, soap operas, movies, cafes, solo shows, so you tell me when we show up with the Richard Jr. and we are. If tomorrow we have to be in Pachacamac, we are there”, he said.

Paco Bazán, actor who played Richard Wilkinson in “Al fondo hay lugar”. Photo: GLR – Carlos Contreras

Paco Bazán jokes about his possible admission to “AFHS” 2022

After commenting on the return of the América TV series, Paco Bazán made a hilarious comment about his probable entry into “There is room in the background” in this new season.

“Where is my bow? Bring it from the other set… You never have to leave blood behind, you have to embrace the family. I will tell you whether or not I am in Pachacamac recording, ”she said.

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