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There is room in the background” caused a sensation on Peruvian television for its funny characters and how they handled each situation; However, a point that also caught the attention of his fans is due to the creative composition that some characters had during the plot.

“Gringo backward”, “The little girl”, “The therapist”, among other creations, created a furor in the population because they managed to make the catchy melody remain engraved in the minds of the listeners. In this note, find out what other compositions surprised in “Al fondo hay lugar”.

‘Joel González’ used to compose songs to recover the love of ‘Fernanda’ whenever it was necessary. However, the production did not imagine that they would all transcend and become themes that continue to be sung by many to this day.


“The rap of the backward gringo”

This composition was Erick Elera’s first for “Al fondo hay lugar”. The video clip starred him, Andrés Wiese, Junior Silva and Aaron Picasso; these four characters sang the famous theme to criticize the relationship that ‘Fernanda’ and ‘Mike’ had.

“I am Joe”

‘Joel’ also stood out in the romantic ballad genre. The character suffered so much from ‘Fernanda’ that he composed one more song to describe who he is and all the love he feels for his neighbor. With the help of ‘Félix’ and ‘Teresita’, the protagonists of the video clip, he managed to release other material.


“My little girl”

This composition was created to generate jealousy between ‘Fernanda’ and ‘Cayetana’, characters who had a relationship with ‘Joel’, Erick Elera’s character. “The new one and the ex”, is a phrase that they copied from Daddy Yankee to imply that their past relationship was already forgotten.

“A foolish taxi driver in love”

With this success, “Joel González” begged for “Fernanda’s” forgiveness and his family did not hesitate to help him by dancing in the video clip. Unlike his other creations, “A foolish taxi driver in love” had a larger budget: balloons, posters and costumes were the pieces that helped Erick Elera to win back his beloved.


“Fernanda’s response”

The young woman also made a composition for her ex-partner and then removed it from YouTube; however, she did not imagine that the television channels reproduce it. This is how ‘Joel’ finds out about this rap and confirms her suspicions: ‘Fernanda’ still has feelings for him.

“Homicidal little girl”

‘Joel’ and ‘Cayetana’ ended their relationship and, as a result of this break, Erick Elera created one of his most elaborate music videos. He joined ‘Fernanda’ and her ex-girlfriend in a song and alluded to famous horror movies like “Chucky” and “The Exorcist”. In this composition, the young man thanks his girlfriend for saving him from the wrath of ‘Cayetana’.

“churro taxi”

After conquering ‘Fernanda’, ‘Joel’ used his singing talent to promote his new vehicle ‘Taxi churro’. In this video clip, the protagonist has the help of some local models and motorcycle taxi drivers. However, he always keeps his girlfriend in mind.


‘Joel’ had no shame or fear when he showed up at ‘Nachito’s’ office to sing to the general manager. With this composition, the young man interpreted the defects of ‘Miguel Ignacio’ out loud.


“The Therapist”

In the eighth season of “In the background there is a place” Joel (Erick Elera) tried to conquer Pilar (Vania Accinelli), his sister Grace’s therapist, with a song dedicated to her.

Lazy loaded component

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