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The return of “In the background there is room” generated a lot of expectation among fans of the TV series, as many wanted to see the original cast. However, several actors ruled out their participation in the ninth season of the América TV production. One of them was Aaron Picasso, who gave life to the first ‘Jaimito’.

After the premiere of the first chapter of the series, on Wednesday, June 22, the main characters could be seen and the change in their ages, to which fans went to social networks to demand the return of the artist. . Here we tell you why many have joined this petition.

Users ask for the return of Aaron Picasso to the series

The followers of the América TV telenovela did not wait and decided to speak out through the Twitter platform to ask for the actor’s reinstatement.

In their releases, netizens highlighted that Aaron Picasso played the son of “Charito” in 2009 when he was a child and now, after 13 years, he is of the right age to return to the character, since in the fiction “Jaimito” he is 22 years old.

Users ask for the return of Aaron Picasso to “AFHS”. Photo: capture Twitter


“I don’t understand why they didn’t give Aaron Picasso the role, if he is ‘Jaimito’ and is within the age of the character. Well, it must be for a reason”, “Aaron Picasso had to come back, people ask for it”, they wrote.

They ask for the return of Aaron Picasso. Photo: capture Twitter

Why did Aaron Picasso not return to “There is room in the background”?

Through an interview with the youtuber ‘ChiquiWilo’, Aaron Picasso decided to break his silence after learning of his absence in the ninth season of “Al fondo hay lugar”. In that sense, the actor detailed why he will no longer be Grace and Joel’s brother.

“I’m a little embarrassed, but these are things that happen in life. There was a casting that I went to. First it was a virtual casting and I supposedly passed it because they called me back for the casting already in person, “he said. He also mentioned that he would have liked to play “Jaimito” again. “I have wanted to, yes I have had the desire, but it has not happened. I don’t know the reasons, but for my part I would have loved it because he is a character I grew up with, “he concluded.

‘Jaimito’ Gonzales was the smallest character in the cast. Photo: Instagram / LR composition

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