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There’s nothing left for you “There is room in the background” return to television. This June 22, the series that narrates the adventures of the Gonzales and the Maldini will be broadcast again on the América TV signal and, in the midst of this wait, many have remembered some of the most beloved characters in the series, among them Charles Cabrerawhich was played by Orlando Fundichely.

Who is Orlando Fundichely?

Orlando Fundichely is a Cuban-born American actor, host and producer. Throughout his career, he appeared in a long list of telenovelas, including “Things of love”, “Soñar does not cost anything”, “Nobody’s Barriga Cruz” and “The president’s daughter”. In addition, he participated in the dance reality show “El gran show” and served as presenter of “Esto es Guerra” in Bolivia.

As for his personal life, he married Karina Rivero, with whom he had two daughters. After several ups and downs and after almost 20 years, the couple’s relationship finally came to an end in 2015.

Orlando Fundichely, Cuban actor, director and producer. Photo: The Republic


On his role as Carlos Cabrera in “In the background there is a place”

Fundichely’s name rang loud in our country when he entered the series “There is room in the background” with the character of Charles Cabreraa doctor who had had an affair with ‘Charito’ (Mónica Sánchez) and who, in addition, was romantically linked to Doña Francesca Maldini (Yvonne Frayssinet).

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How was your departure from the América TV series?

In 2014, he announced that he would continue in the next season of the series. , she pointed out at the time.

After leaving the program, he made his debut as host of “This is war” in Bolivia and, later, precisely in 2017, he appeared characterizing the character of Tony Cruz in “Back to the neighborhood.”

Carlos Cabrera was one of the most beloved characters in “In the background there is a place.” Photo: capture of America TV

What do you do now?

Orlando Fundichely He remained away from television for years and that is why his reappearance in “Back to the neighborhood” generated great surprise among his fans. Currently, he is working in the United States. In mid-June he revealed that he worked as a writer, as well as produced and directed a commercial for a pizzeria.

Orlando Fundichely surprised with his character of Carlos Cabrera in “In the background there is room”. Photo: Orlando Fundichely/Instagram

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