In an interview, ASAP Rocky says he believes Travis Scott stole all his style

The Drink Champs podcast scored yet another exclusive interview with A$AP Rocky. In the latest trailer, Rocky claims that Travis Scott stole style from him.

A video for the next episode of A$AP Rocky of Drink Champs, starring NORE and DJ EFN, premiered on Monday (May 9) on all social media platforms. In the brief trailer, it looks like the father-to-be is finally opening up about the plight of La Flame copying the style of Pretty Flacko.

When NORE claimed that “Travis Scott stole his entire style from ASAP Rocky,” the creator of Testing nodded in agreement. “Yes,” Rocky said. For years, there have been some behind-the-scenes accusations that Scott is copying Rocky’s style. In a January 2016 interview with the Hot 97, rocky felt that Scott was influenced by his style and he didn’t seem to mind it. However, the Harlem rapper insisted there was no fight between him and Scott.

“You’re hearing this from me, let this guy rock it,” he said. “And let people decide if he’s a copy or if he’s authentic. I’m not saying that everyone should be allowed to copy whoever they’re doing. I’m not implying that. I feel like this whole situation seems petty.”

Rumors of a dispute between Rocky and Scott have been around for years. The two rappers have been confused by each other in the past: In 2015, Scott lashed out at a fan who called him ASAP saying, “I’m not fucking ASAP, bitch.” And the following year, an A$AP Mob member accused Scott of copying his team’s style.

At the same time, the two rappers were photographed together, and last year Rocky said, “I think Travis Scott makes cool music. And he had a baby, I’m happy for that.” When Rocky was briefly arrested in Sweden earlier this year, Scott joined the band of musicians calling for his release.

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