Ilse de Flans faints on stage during concert

Ilse de Flans faints on stage during a concert. | Special

Ilse de Flans faints on stage during concert and followers fear for his health. It all happened in the presentation that Pandora and Flans celebrated in Meridaduring the last minutes of his presentation.

Without a doubt, Pandora and Flans are groups that not only marked a generation but also inspired thousands of women with their life stories, their talent and their professionalism. Whether together or in the solo careers that some of them undertook, they were always admirable and today is no exception.

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It was months ago when the two groups announced their tour together and although everything was going well, things changed during his most recent presentation in Mérida, Yucatán, where the weather affected Ilse Olivo preventing the show from finishing.

Ilse de Flans faints on stage during a concert.  Special

The image of Ilse on the floor scared her followers.

Minutes before the presentation of Flans and Pandora ended, Ilse fainted on stage and had to be taken to her dressing room for him to receive medical care. The video of the singer lying on the floor shocked her followers, but fortunately it was nothing serious, journalist Alex Kaffie reported.

At the end of the show, her partner Isabel Lascurain reported that Ilse Olivo had been the victim of heat stroke and although he could not finish the presentation, he was already feeling better, so the following dates of the tour are not expected to undergo any changes. Ilse appeared healthy and happy on social media, making it clear that she was recovered.

Flans and Pandora, the formula for success

One of the most enchanting things in this very special meeting between flans and pandora It is precisely the maturity of beauty, talent and wisdom that all the members boast.

In each of their shows they exude energy and charm, making the attendees end up without a voice for singing throughout the entire concert. The “Unexpected Tour” will soon visit Guatemala, the Expo Chihuahua, the Arena CDMX and more, so May, Mimi, Fer, Isabel and Ilse They invite you to be aware of their social networks to know the calendar in its entirety.

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