How to seduce a man without him noticing

How to seduce a man without him noticing | PEXELS

How seduce a man without him noticing. If you want to have a low profile and you think it is difficult to steal a man’s heart, you should know that there are always ways to seduce him, even if it seems like a complicated task. It may even be easier than you think.

There are some Practical tips that you can follow and that will help you to be subtle, but at the same time get his attention, because these ways of seducing him are “spontaneous” and, therefore, effective. So take ready for you to put them in motion.

Always smile

Put aside looks with double intentions and seeks to transmit confidence, security and good humor. This is key to achieving a connection with anyone.

Also, you don’t need to give him long, forced smiles, so your face should have a warm, friendly, and flirtatious expression.

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speak softly

It does not imply that you murmur, but that you speak delicately and at very specific moments. Try to maintain a good conversation and lower your tone of voice in such a way that you generate an intimate and close moment.

subtle touch

In an “accidental” way, rub your arms or hands, this will encourage closeness. If he likes you and there is consent, then soon you will become closer.

joke with him

When they already have a little more confidence, you must create an environment of trust to create some complicity, which will make it easier for you to raise the tone of the jokes over time.


It will always be your best ally because men find mystery in a woman fascinating, as it allows them to let their imaginations run about her behavior.

Try not to make many things clear about you at first, in this way he will feel curious and this will become an interest in getting to know you.

show off

Even if you seem arrogant let him know how wonderful you are, how cool, funny and unusual your life is; in this way you will make him feel eager to be part of you.

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