How to dress to look taller with ideas from Pinterest

Seeing yourself tall and slim is not that complicated, since there are some tricks when dressing with which you can achieve it at the same time. perfectionof which I will tell you today, this so that you can immediately apply them in your next outfits, you will be delighted with the results.

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The colors that you are going to use when dressing are super important, and so that you do not buy without thinking, always have a neutral palette on hand, which is reduced to garments in basic colors in your wardrobe, which combined will give the effect of seeing you taller.

Choosing a monochromatic outfit also accomplishes this, so you have two pretty good options to start with, remember colors should be chosen at will. awarenesssince they will be responsible for highlighting your charms at all times.

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Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes is a pattern that favors all women regardless of their figure and measurements, in addition to the fact that it perfectly achieves this effect of seeing you taller with great elegance, since it is a quite sophisticated design, try it and you will see.

show your ankles

show your ankles It is a dressing trick that achieves an impressive effect when it comes to looking tall, and the best way to apply it is by wearing your jeans folded in this area, long skirts up to this height and even ankle boots, three simple options that you should try now.

garments of your measure

Wearing tailored clothes is another option that will help you look tall, forget about baggy pieces, better prioritize choosing your size. Although some time ago they were trendthe reality is that they do not favor the figure at all, much less if you are short.

small prints

Small prints will make you look slimmer and taller, so choose the garment you want but with this feature. You may choose dressesskirts, blouses and even some pants, you will see how this effect is achieved very easily.

to the waist

Wearing clothes that define your waist is one of the best options, since not only does this area stand out, the silhouette is more defined and your legs look longer. Having clothes like this in your wardrobe is one of the best optionsso take that into account.

How to dress to look taller with ideas from Pinterest. Photo: pexels

There you have many options to see yourself divine and tall when dressing, as you can see they are not from another world, just analyze what you have in your wardrobe to take advantage of it and what is missing to complete it, always remember to invest more in classics than in trends.

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