How to deal with a crisis situation in your relationship

The problems in a relationshipIn general, they are natural. They must be seen as a form of growth; if they are arranged, coexistence improves and both grow together towards stability. But if they are seen as a source of conflict, the result can be a distance that even becomes unhealthy and harmful.

All relationships go through conflicts, that’s why you have to learn to identify them and work with commitmentto save the relationship, to strengthen the bond and nurture that love of affection and attachment that finally makes them a team.

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To do this, you have to take a step back, analyze the panorama, evaluate and decide with respect and stability, to heal the deterioration or the wound and move forward together, recognizes the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas, who supports these Tips for coping with a crisis situationin order to save the relationship.

identify the problem

It would seem like the most basic advice, but it is not, since we sometimes take it for granted. Sometimes couples fight ‘for nothing’, but it’s not ‘nothing’, it’s that their frustrations at the moment hide that something that is really affecting them. You have to talk, understand what makes us feel what and rediscover what the objective is (what we are looking for with the relationship, and with the other, in the short, medium and long term). Meditate on the obstacles that cause the conflict and the context: what the problem is and if you contribute to it.

take your responsibility

Sometimes a conflict between two people occurs or because we do not take responsibility for our actions, because we don’t realize how they affect, or because we refuse to accept that we are part of the problem. The only way to solve it, is to face our part with maturitywhich is not that everything falls on our shoulders, but that in a relationship of two, we are two.

Put aside pathological jealousy

The pathological jealousy may indicate dissatisfaction. You have to notice what causes it and realize that these feelings are not healthy. It is not good to ‘make a storm in a glass of water’. It is normal to feel jealousy, because they reflect attachment and affection, but not to use it as a filler to destroy the relationship.

Autonomy in the relationship

The couple advances together, as a team, but they must not lose themselves in each other. Each one is their own person, with their personal interests and relationships. We must respect that the other also seeks fulfillment and growth. Respect their individuality, opinions, thoughts, interests, times and even privacy.

How to deal with a crisis situation in your relationship. PHOTO: Unsplash

practice forgiveness

An important point in any relationship is forgive, That is neither naivety nor lies. It is not about pretending that the behavior that hurts the other does not matter, but about avoiding resentment and resentment and changing it for dialogue, harmony and friendship. Nobody is perfect, so you have to practice empathy, consideration and understanding.


The expert recommends sincerity and truth. This is respect for the other and for the relationship itself. Say what you think, what you want, what you are looking for and what bothers you; without attacking, but in a mutual open dialogue, that is, just as you have to express yourself, you also have to know how to listen.

seek professional help

Finally, we must also accept that conflicts sometimes lead to many things. If the crisis affects your dynamics greatly, if you feel that it has affected the way you cope with your own life, or how you feel emotionally, Seek the help of a professional therapist or specialized psychologist.

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