How to apply perfume so that it lasts longer

How to apply perfume so that it lasts longer | Special: Instagram

Perfume can become your hallmark and so that you can get more out of it, we share some tips that will help you apply it well. so that its aroma lasts longer and its wake does not disappear.

Perfume is an invisible accessory that leaves its mark in its wake, but if you don’t know in which areas you should apply them so that they are not invasive and you can enjoy their aroma throughout the day, pay attention to the following infallible recommendations from experts.

Apply the perfume in strategic areas

The experts of the Perfume Academy recommend applying the fragrance on the pulse zones where the heart rate is best appreciated such as the neck, wrists, ankles, nape, behind the ears, or in the flexion creases of the elbows and knees.

“The small vibration of the pulse makes it easier for the aroma to be released and thus the presence of the perfume is enhanced because the fragrance evaporates much more slowly and constantly.”

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If what you want is to apply the perfume in a way that is not “invasive” for others, the nape of the neck is the strategic area that you must take into account, you will be able to leave a mark with your fragrance behind you without invading the people around you.

Spray the perfume at a suitable distance

They also explain that the ideal is to spray the perfume from a distance of 10 to 20 centimeters because in each pulse zone, the heat multiplies its aroma. If you prefer an even more subtle way to perfume yourself, you can spray a cloud in the air and go through it.

Moisturize your skin before perfume

Daniel Figuero, Fragrance Ambassador of Dior Parfums, maintains that the perfume has worse adhesion on dry skin. Therefore, apply it after showering so that its sillage lasts all day. You can also opt for the body lotion of your favorite fragrance.

“The pore is more open and the light moisture mixes with the fragrance and enters the skin.”

Do not rub the perfume on the skin

When you apply your favorite perfume, let it rest on your skin and never rub it Because fragrance experts from the Perfume Academy say that friction breaks the notes, altering their aroma and directly influencing their durability.

“The friction created by rubbing the perfume warms the skin and natural enzymes are produced that modify the evolution of the fragrance,” says perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.

How many times should you perfume yourself?

The number of applications It will depend on the composition of the perfume you have in your hands.. The sweet and intense notes leave more traces on your skin, their sillage is greater and they last longer than the fresh and light notes that evaporate more easily.

“The difference between them lies not only in the percentages of pure essence, but also in a variation of the notes to enhance their fresh character or their intensity, durability and fixation.”

Perfume your clothes

Another way to broaden the trail of your fragrance is to perfume your clothes in a subtle way, you can spray a few drops on your upper garments to feel its aroma for days. Natural materials such as wool or cotton distribute odor better than synthetic fabrics.

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