How Pepe Aguilar Raised Angela and Leonardo when they were little

The popular singer Pepe Aguilar have 4 sons of 2 marriages. The first of them is called Emiliano, whom he had with his first wife, Carmen Treviño and whom he divorced after a few years. Then he met his current wife Aneliz Álvarez, with whom he had 3 children, ring 23 years old, Leonardo 21 and, the smallest, Angela Aguilar 17 years old.

When you see each of the members of the Aguilar dynasty, you can visualize that there is union and above all, a lot of love. Starting from the beginning and the love they had Don Antonio Aguilar and Doña Flor Silvestre Until the last day of their lives, all of their children and grandchildren pass on almost exactly the same thing.

Undoubtedly, each of them, even with their successes and mistakes, have shown that they can continue with the greatest legacy left by the deceased, that they are good people and Mexican to the bone.

From that, you can understand how Pepe Aguilar raised Angela and Leonardo when they were little, beyond his other 2 children. Those named are precisely those who are by his side in each of his presentations and who have shown that they inherited the talent and passion for music.

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Notably Pepe Aguilar, the greatest current exponent of the Aguilar Dynasty has always shown to have a very good relationship with his 4 children, with whom he not only shares his taste for music, but also a father has been present in each of his steps.

Beyond the inconveniences and difficult moments that he had to live with his first son Emiliano – which were made public – Pepe, whenever he can, tells that raised their children all equally. Probably, he assumes that both Leonardo and Angela Aguilar are “closely marked” because they carry the same passion for music in their blood as they also share scenarios.

The precision of How Pepe Aguilar raised Ángela and Leonardo when they were little has a lot to do with the legacy that Don Antonio, their father, left him. He always made sure that his children feel what he perceived from their father when he was little, that parental relationship in which they He taught how to work, be good people, trust and not just make things easier for them.

So too, Pepe takes into account the importance his mother had in his life: “I thank my father and mother, not everyone has the opportunity to find parents like this, I thank life and I do a job with my children so that they feel the same.”

In that way, he always describes the way he raised Angela and Leonardo when they were little. You are clearly doing a good job, because both Angela What Leonardo Aguilar They are 2 people who are committed and grateful to their audience, always.

In fact, to this day he has the luxury of scolding them in public if necessary. Look.

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