How many dollars does the clothing inspired by Indigo cost, the daughter of Evaluna and Camilo

No one can doubt that the arrival of Indigothe first daughter of Evaluate Montaner Y Camilo Echeverry has been one of the most followed news of 2022. It is that since the announcement of the birth of the little girl, the followers of the famous couple They have not missed any publication that is made about the new member of the family.

Although both Evaluna and Camilo, as well as the family Montaner They have been in charge of sharing details about the pregnancy of the young 24-year-old artist, since the birth of the girl, the parents have been quite absent on social networks, and have only published images of Indigo’s little feet, although in a Recent video shared by Ricardo Montaner’s daughter, Camilo can be seen dancing with her baby in her arms.

It should be noted that the wait for Indigo put the Montaner Dynasty on pause, work commitments were left aside while they were awaiting her arrival. Without a doubt, the proudest was the composer Ricardo Montaner, who has not stopped sharing on his networks what his new granddaughter means to him. However, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter was the target of much criticism for this, since many Internet users considered that the singer was exaggerating. On her part, grandmother Marlene was very attentive to the care of her daughter and her granddaughter, whom she had as inspiration to create a line of clothes for babies.

It was through social networks that Ricardo Montaner’s wife shared that, since she found out that her daughter was pregnant, she began to work fully on this new project in partnership with some friends. In a post on her Instagram account, Marlene shared that she had been filled with true inspiration with the arrival of Indigo, to the point that they decided to launch the brand. “The red son atelier”. It is a line of baby clothes inspired by her granddaughter Indigo and has two important characteristics. On the one hand, they are handmade and unisex models, so that any baby can use them, and on the other, they are completely different designs, no garment looks like another.

What has divided opinions on social networks is that because they are clothes for babies, they are quite expensive. And it is that the shirts cost approximately 119 dollars, the dresses 171 dollars and the shorts go from 62.95 to 131 dollars.

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