How Kate Middleton’s stylist gave Prince William a complete makeover

At each of her appearances, Kate Middleton makes everyone agree. A subscriber to elegant silhouettes, the Duchess of Cambridge religiously adheres to royal dress protocol, while remaining modern and affordable. Far from collecting designer clothes, she oscillates between formal outfits signed by English designers, and casual city outfits unearthed at Topshop, Zara, Mango and other affordable brands. Analyzed and copied by thousands of women around the world, the style of the future queen consort of England is one of the most inspiring of the crown. And if she has never had trouble finding her fashion personality, we cannot say that the same is true of her husband, Prince William.

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A Natasha Archer makeover

In 2016, a British men’s magazine compared the style of the future king of England to that of an estate agent. Too classic, cold, not modern enough… the terms used were far from flattering. A major problem when you know how much the royal family pays particular attention to its image and its communication. It was enough for Kate Middleton to put her personal stylist on the spot. The goal: to transform its slightly too classic look into a chic and trendy style that you can identify with, while respecting the protocol. Exit brown moccasins, chinos and faded suits, Natasha Archer is doing a drastic sorting in the dressing room of the Duke of Cambridge. She replaces everything with casual linen shirts, slightly ankle-baring trousers and perfectly tailored suits. The stylist’s first intervention was widely noticed during the first family trip to Canada and was hailed by critics. Since then, Prince William appears as a new man.

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