How hygiene should be before an intimate oral encounter

How hygiene should be before an intimate oral encounter | PEXELS

How hygiene should be before an intimate oral encounter. If you and your partner are planning to give each other oral satisfaction, today at Soy Carmín we give you some recommendations so that you can put aside bad smells and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Without a doubt, this practice is pleasant, but So that neither of them gets a surprise, it is essential that there is good hygiene beforehand. First of all, we must take a bath, wash and rinse our intimate area well; In the case of women, it is recommended that you use a neutral soap so that the pH is not altered and to avoid irritation.

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Another recommendation is that you wax so that the couple find it easier and do not find small surprises. Nevertheless, it’s a matter of taste, since the bathroom may be enough. If you don’t usually shave you can surprise your accomplice.

It is important that, if you have the disposition to give a black kiss, the area must be extremely clean, because that region of the body it tends to harbor bacteria and you could get an infection.

If you have intimate oral encounters it is recommended that they use condoms to prevent infections and intimately transmitted diseases. In the case of women, once the meeting under the sheets is over, it is essential that go to the bathroom to urinate

In this way they can avoid a urine infectionsince it is something that happens frequently. if they used toys It is recommended that you wash them well with soap and then rinse them well with water, in this way they will prevent them from generating bacteria.

In addition, this way they will be clean when they decide to use them on another occasion and they will avoid contracting an infection. Another recommendation is not brushing teeth before of an oral encounter, because if condoms or oral dams are not used, the chances of contracting an infection or intimate disease are intensified.

Remember that brushing can cause bleeding. The recommendation is to do it after an encounter under the sheets, but not immediately. This way you and your partner will be able to better enjoy your intimacy.

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