How breathing helps you enjoy an encounter under the sheets more

How breathing helps you enjoy an encounter under the sheets more | PEXELS

How breathing helps to enjoy more an encounter under the sheets. Both men and women benefit carry out the breathing process properly to better enjoy the moment. There are several tips that you can follow to enjoy yourself to the fullest with your partner.

An encounter under the sheets involves attending to the before, during and after. In those phases, breathing is extremely important as it can increase pleasure or even help the man if he is premature to postpone the meeting. This is explained by Antonio Murillo, head of the Psychology, 3exology and Partner Working Group of the Official College of Psychology.

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In the first place, it highlights that when a couple decides to have an intimate encounter must be calm since “you can enjoy every little detail more, savor every moment more thoroughly and enjoy every experience intensely,” he explains.

In fact, an American study found that people who are more relaxed during the encounters under the sheets they experience greater pleasure as a couple or alone. So it concludes that “slowing down the process of intimate contact, awareness and climax reduces anxiety, increases communication about intimacy and creates more satisfaction.”


An American study showed that “couples who practiced relationships slowly received more pleasure than those who did it quickly and without paying attention to breathing”.

Antonio Murillo explains that when the climax is reached, a discharge of tension is achieved, both muscular and mental, which can help you relax both physically and psychologically. To do this, it can help to create a relaxed environment and, therefore, help us to better concentrate on breathing.

The expert shared with the Cuídate Plus portal some tips that can be of help to practice relationships without haste. First of all, he points out that you need to have plenty of time to be able to do it without stress. He recommends choosing a comfortable place, where there are no interruptions.

It also helps to set the right mood, be it with music or lighting. The psychologist points out that the couple could bring accessories such as massage oil, feathers, lubricant and condoms. He suggests that at all times you think about maintain a slow rate of breathing.

Relaxation before having an encounter allows the breath to be as slow as possibleeven in moments of climax. In this regard, the specialist Nayara Malnero explains that “breathing helps to stop, relax and refocus on the relationship we are maintaining and also helps to control more intimate relationships, both in men and women.”

In the case of women, it also helps those who find it difficult to get in contact with their intimate areas or those who think they feel pain during the act, but it is not. In precocious men, it allows you to maintain control of your intimate area. The recommendation is take the air through the nose and release it through the mouth, little by little. They also point out that you can take a breath, try to save it and release it slowly through your mouth.

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