Home remedies to reduce eye bags

There are various home remedies to reduce eye bagsAlthough a diagnosis is needed, it is well known that factors such as genetics, alcohol and tobacco consumption, as well as sleep disorders notably affect the face.

Eye bags are due to fluid retention or fat formations that exist in the eye area. The affectation can also be a consequence of an excess of skin that originates over the years, however the appearance with easy actions from home.

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Starting with bags under the eyes can be a reason that you do not feel safe and affect your self-esteem, remember that self-love is very important in life and if there is something you do not like about yourself, you do not have to learn to live with it. , but look for ways to reverse it.

The inflammation in the lower part of the eyes are completely normal as the aging, but it can also appear from youth in men and women, becoming a nightmare for the image of our face.

One of the easiest home remedies to do is to apply cold compresses over eye bags to reduce inflammation quickly. You can use a massager of quartz or jade and keep it in a cap inside the fridge and occupy it every day and night.

Place slices of cucumber in the eyes, as it has an effect decongestant Besides that it will serve to hydrate your skin, use cucumber slices for at least 15 minutes and take the opportunity to do a whole routine of Facial Cleansing.

The tea compresses can help deal with swelling that is under your eyes, has an anti-inflammatory effect and is rich in antioxidants, both allow to increase blood flow and hernias disappear where fat and fluids accumulate.

Home remedies to reduce eye bags. Photo: PEXELS

Heat two tea bags a couple of minutes, let them cool and then place them on the eyes for more than 15 minutes. If you have a plant of aloe or aloe vera, congratulations, it is one of the anti-inflammatories natural effective for treating bags under the eyes.

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You can apply the gel extracted in the inflamed area for at least 15 minutes, once you feel that it has been absorbed and your face is dry, you must wash your face perfectly, you will immediately notice a sensation of freshness and relaxation.

Without a doubt, the best thing you can do is improve your habits, eat a balanced diet, where you eat everything but in smaller portions than usual, have a little exercise every day, drink plenty of water and try to sleep at least eight hours or take 15 to 30 minute naps in the middle of the day.

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