His only son died in 1992 and his parents visit him daily to leave him a balloon

His only son died in 1992 and his parents visit him daily to leave him a balloon | Special: TikTok

The story of this Chilean family is shocking, Franz Jackson Rivera Fernández drowned in 1992 when he was eleven years old, and since then, his parents Rosicler and Rogelio, they visit him daily in the cemetery to leave him a balloon.

The content creator identified on social networks as Paris Oficial shared Franz Jackson’s heartbreaking story through her TikTok account and showed the red balloon that her parents placed on her on November 23, when turned 11 thousand 232 days deceased.

Franz Jackson Rivera Fernández was born on October 10, 1980 in the commune of Talcahuano, in the Biobío Region, in Chile, and unfortunately died far from his parents on February 14, 1992 in the commune of Yungay, in the Ñuble Region.

On Saturday, February 8, 1992, Franz Jackson, affectionately nicknamed “Francito”, enthusiastically said goodbye to his parents and set out on a bus trip to the commune of Yungay. to enjoy their vacations at the home of some of their dad’s uncles.

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But six days later, a cousin of his father took “Francito” to the Itata River without first consulting his parents, neglected him for a moment and while he was playing with other children, one of them pushed him, he fell into a pool and unfortunately he did not make it out alive.

“Francito” died by drowning on February 14, 1992 at the age of 11his mortal remains lie in the Municipal Cemetery number 2 of the Talcahuano commune and his parents Rosicler and Rogelio visit him every day and place a balloon before leaving.

“I drowned at the age of 11 years, 4 months and 4 days, and since that day, my parents visit me every day here, in my new home: Talcahuano cemetery number 2,” he says in his epitaph.

Franz Jackson Rivera Fernández’s grave became a shrine known as “The House of the Only Son”the inhabitants of the Talcahuano commune come to place candles, flowers, plaques and gifts, and some even say that “Francito” grants favors.

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