here’s why the Netflix series isn’t set in the DC Universe

This Friday, August 5, Netflix unveiled its long-awaited series Sandmanfrom the comics of neil gaiman. If fiction allows comic book fans to find lots of characters, other emblematic figures are absent. The creator reveals why the show is not taking place in the DC Universe.

Sandman on Netflix, what changes compared to comics?

Among the most anticipated series of the year 2022 on Netflix, there was Stranger Things with its season 4, Locke and Key season 3 or even the new adventures of The Umbrella Academy. Many subscribers were also eager to discover a fiction of a completely different genre, Sandman. The fiction is taken from the comics by Neil Gaiman, the first issue of which was unveiled in 1989.

Sandman follows the people and places affected by Morpheus, the King of Dreams, as he mends the cosmic – and human – mistakes he has made in his vast existence. The lord of dreams has been captive for many years. During this time, many things have changed, starting with the now troubled nights of his followers. Returning to his palace, Morpheus discovered that most of his associates had fled the area, except for Lucienne, his most faithful ally. The king of dreams, of a haughty and smug nature, then understood that from now on he had to conjugate with this new world, in constant evolution.

Why Sandman takes place far from the DC Universe

The fans of Sandman were able to find many characters from the comics, like Lucifer, the queen of the underworld here embodied on screen by Gwendoline Christie (Brienne in Game Of Thrones). Other protagonists have been modified for the serial adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels. Jenna Coleman lends her features to Johanna Constantine, and Doctor Destiny (David Thewlis) appears as John Dee, but does not look like his comic book counterpart. Many fans were curious as to why Sandman was so far removed from the DC Comics universe. A question answered by Neil Gaiman, the creator, in the columns of variety :

Sandman started out in the DC Universe, comics, and then the story ended up creating its own world. It was coming more and more into our world and becoming less and less of a concept where costumed crime fighters robbed and the like, which meant that by the end of The Sandman it had its own aesthetic that was no longer really the same as the one in the DC Universe. We didn’t want a TV show where you felt you had to read a whole bunch of comics that were published in 1988 and 1989 to understand what was going on.

Neil Gaiman has therefore chosen to modify some elements of the comics to make Sandman accessible to as many people as possible. Unlike DCEU productions, it is not necessary to know the history of the characters of the universe to understand what is happening within the fiction. For now, ten episodes of Sandman are available on Netflix. There is a good chance that the company at N red will order a new salvo if the success of this adaptation is there!

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