Here’s The World’s Most Handsome Man According To Science, And He’s Not Going To Convince Everyone

Studied for millennia, the golden ratio can be described as a very special number. Known in particular by the letter phi of the Greek alphabet, the golden ratio is equivalent to 1.618 followed by an infinity of decimals. Suite of Fibonacci, architecture of Le Corbusier, music of Xenakis or painting of DalĂ­, this proportion is used in many fields. A doctor decided to apply it to aesthetics, by calculating the degree of beauty of a person thanks to the golden ratio. A science that has elected the most handsome man in the world, a result that should not convince everyone.

a result that may displease

Beauty standards evolve over the years. And while tastes and colors are subjective, a doctor named Julian De Silva from the Center of Facial Cosmetic Surgery wanted to put famous Hollywood actors to the test using the golden ratio to calculate their beauty. Several of their physical traits are evaluated in this way, with a percentage assigned to them. The higher the percentage, the more beautiful the man is considered by science.

The measurement is thus measured in all its facets and it must come as close as possible to the number, i.e. 1.618. A beauty factor that is also based on the symmetry and proportions of the face and is influenced by factors such as the length of the ear being equal to the length of the nose or the width of the eye being equal to the distance between the eyes. For Dr Julian De Silva, the most handsome man would be none other than actor Robert Pattinson (with 92.15%): “Robert Pattinson was the big winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection.” Moreover, these new computer mapping techniques would have allowed scientists to solve some of the mysteries of what makes a person physically beautiful. Silva also took the opportunity to explain that this technology is useful for planning surgery for a patient who wants to accentuate their features.

A top 5 made up of:

Henry Cavill (91.64%):

Bradley Cooper (91.08%):

Brad Pitt (90.51%):

George Clooney (89.91%):

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