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the comic actor William Rossini He made history with his roles in different television spaces, as he was one of the first to imitate characters from the country’s politics. Since the 1970s, the comedian has been part of the casts of Estrafalario and Elscrew, programs that have been cataloged as the pioneers of Peruvian entertainment.

A decade later, the comedian became one of the main artists of “Risas y salsa”, in which he spent 16 years. In 1994, he accepted the proposal to be part of the radio program “Los funny” until 2021, the year in which the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Peru and, with five surgeries, the actor was absent from the radio booth. . In this note, we tell you what happened to Guillermo Rossini.

What does Guillermo Rossini currently do?

Although he did not announce his retirement from radio broadcasting, Guillermo Rossini has appeared on various television programs, but not to participate in a humorous sketch, but to be honored for his years in acting.

Guillermo Rossini was one of the first to parody Peruvian politicians. Photo: Mr. Psychedelic

In addition, on September 10, Andrés Hurtado in his program “Sábado con Andrés” brought together comedians who participated in “Risas y salsa” to celebrate Rossini’s 90th birthday. They also recognized her artistic career, since a large part of her life has been dedicated to bringing joy to Peruvian families.

Why did Guillermo Rossini leave the leadership of “Los Chistosos”?

The program hosted by the Peruvian impersonator on RRP radio has more than 20 years of creation, the space was under his command along with Fernando Armas, Hernán Vidaurre, but with the departure of Armas, Manolo Rojas and Giovanna Castro joined. However, in 2021, Guillermo Rossini decided to step aside and leave “The Funny” without any communication.

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“With the pandemic, I have been forced (to withdraw) and those from the radio have taken care of me so that I cannot attend (the booth). , he assured in an interview for the program “Better late”.

Along the same lines, “Uncle” Rossini, as his colleagues call him, claimed to be a very sentimental person and, therefore, did not say goodbye live to his listeners who tuned in to the radio every day to listen to his hilarious imitations.

. My love to all the audience of ‘The jokers’ with whom we have been almost 28 years in a radio program that has become a record. For all that public, my thanks for having put up with me for so many years, ”he said.

Guillermo Rossini was in charge of “The funny” for more than 20 years. Photo: The jokers

When was the radio program “Los chistosos” first broadcast?

It was broadcast for the first time on February 14, 1994, under the leadership of Fernando Armas, Hernán Vidaurre and Guillermo Rossini, by Radio Programas del Perú (RPP). In 2001, she joins the cast of the show, Giovanna Castro. In January 2008, the group appeared in the hosting of “Ponte al día”, a Global Television program. In July 2008, Armas ceases to be part of the cast and is replaced by Manolo Rojas, until today.

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How did Manolo Rojas become known?

The comedian was born in Huaral on November 16, 1962. His career began in the program “Hola que tal”, which was under the direction of the comedian Román “Ronco” Gámez, who was the one who discovered his talent in the decade of 1990.

Manolo Rojas is currently one of the most recognized comedians in Peru. Photo: The blowout of the Chola

What conductors remained in “Los Chistosos” after the departure of Guillermo Rossini?

Guillermo Rossini was one of the first to join the group “Los Chistosos”, which was broadcast on RPP radio; Initially, he started together with Fernando Armas and Hernán Vidaurre. However, the departure of Armas meant a void in the trio and Manolo Rojas arrived with Giovanna Castro. After the departure of one of the founders of the comedy program, he was left in command of Rojas Vidaurre y Castro.

The time Guillermo Rossini was recognized as a Meritorious Personality of Culture

In 2021, Guillermo Rossini received a special recognition for his long artistic career. The comic actor has dedicated more than 60 years to humor in an interrupted way. For this reason, the Ministry of Culture awarded him the distinction of Meritorious Personality of Culture.

“To grant the distinction of ‘Meritorious Personality of Culture’ to Mr. Guillermo Rossini Gonzáles, in recognition of his outstanding and extensive artistic career as a comedian and impersonator with a presence both on radio and television, which has made him a recognized artist for citizens and a benchmark for comedy at the national level”, reads Ministerial Resolution No. 000192-2021, signed by the Minister of Culture, Alejandro Neyra.

Guillermo Rossini dedicated his whole life to comedy

When did “Risas y salsa” premiere on TV?

“Risas y salsa” was a Peruvian humorous program, broadcast for the first time on March 12, 1980 by Panamericana Televisión. His last show aired on May 29, 1999.

The second generation of Risas y salsa actors. Photo: Pan American

Why did “Risas y salsa” go off the air?

In May 1999, when “Risas y salsa” had been on the air for almost 20 years, the general manager of channel 5, Federico Anchorena, and Efraín Aguilar (producer and general director of the program since 1997, replacing Guillermo Guille) organized a conference of press to reveal to the whole of Peru that the episode broadcast on Saturday, May 22, would be the last.

They argued that the reason for this terrible news was due to an entirely financial issue, since the channel was going through a crisis that prevented it from covering production costs. This monetary problem also affected programs such as “TV rosa” and “Los Hincha pelotas”, a humorous sports show.

Although this is the official version, many believe that the closure of the program was also due to the change in casting that took place in the early 1990s, since the stars of the show Adolfo Chuiman, Elmer Alfaro, Rodolfo Carrión and Raúl Beryón withdrew from “Risas y salsa” to start a television project with channel 4.

Photo: composition LR/ YouTube Caracol3000

What happened to ‘Machucao’, the comic actor from “Risas y salsa”?

Despite his solid career on television, he decided to go for the ‘American dream’ and traveled to the United States, where he started from scratch like any other migrant. At first, he only planned to work for a few months to raise money and return to Peru, but due to certain circumstances, in the end he stayed in the North American country and over time, his family accompanied him.

Who happened to the popular ´Chelita´ from “Risas y salsa”?

Anali Cabrera was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing a checkup for persistent shoulder pain. Doctors discovered a lump in her left breast that turned out to be a tumor containing cancer cells. Several years later, she passed away.

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