Guillermo Del Toro gives his opinion on the film and makes everyone tremble

Guillermo del Toro would have already seen Avatar: The Waterway and his first mixed opinion on the film makes us, more than ever, want to see it.

When it comes to taking stock of 2022, it’s a safe bet that at the top of the list of directors who will have marked it, we will find the names of Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron. The first has definitely hit hard several times this year with its superb Nightmare Alleyhis earthy series, The Cabinet of Curiositiesand has in store for us for December its Pinocchio. But obviously, it is Cameron who will cause the most ink to flow (and has already caused a lot of ink to flow, already) with this winter’s phenomenon: Avatar: The Waterway.

This long-awaited sequel to the historic 2009 blockbuster is coming very soon and we’ve been commenting on its arrival so far. Excitement and distrust share the spectators, while James Cameron risks everything with his Avatar 2. The question remains whether the film will live up to the impressive mainstream expectations and be able to pull off a box office feat like its predecessor. A challenge not as easy as one might imagine, the consumption patterns of spectators having changed a lot in thirteen years and a pandemic later. However, in terms of sheer film quality, Guillermo del Toro seems to have seen it before and his review of it is more than positive.

James Cameron and Guillermo del Toro are longtime friends and their friendship is known to be unwavering. The two men have known each other since 1993 and immediately found hooks in their common passion. As reported by Uproxx (in 2014), their undeniable brotherhood would be sealed since 1997, when Cameron agreed to pay ransom for Guillermo del Toro’s father to kidnappers, which amounted to one million dollars. The director of titanic thus obtained the freedom of dad Del Toro after three days, thanks to negotiators, paid at the expense of the creator of Terminator.

Since then, the two men have never ceased to praise each other and the director of Pan’s Labyrinth was often present in his friend’s editing rooms, learning a lot from him and new 3D technologies. It’s no surprise that del Toro has already seen the entirety ofAvatar 2 and his (brief) criticism of the film seems all the more legitimate. It was on Twitter that he published it, in response to a message from producer Jon Landau, who announced the end of the mixing ofAvatar 2.

An Awe-inspiring Achievement – Avatar: The Way of the Water is filled with majestic sights and emotions on a truly epic scale. A master at the top of his game.

The verdict therefore fell on the side of the Mexican filmmaker: Avatar 2 may well be a new masterpiece for James Cameron. Del Toro never fails to give his sincere cinephile opinion on various projects, especially on social media. For example, he spoke highly of Bardo, false chronicle of some truths, the next film by Alejandro González Iñárritu and recently defended Martin Scorsese fiercely. Nothing stops the director’s enthusiasm when it comes to artists he deeply esteems.

This is still the case here even if, of course, this opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, in view of the history shared by the two filmmakers. Still, these few dithyrambic words make our mouths water, especially since we are only a few weeks away from being able to discover the feature film in the cinema and in the best conditions. Avatar: The Waterway will be released on December 14 in our cinemas, in Franceand we can’t wait to be there.

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