Granny gets emotional over Buki’s cardboard cutout; the artist wants to meet her

Granny gets emotional over Buki’s cardboard cutout; the artist wants to meet her | TIKTOK

Granny gets emotional over Buki’s cardboard cutout; the artist wants to meet her. Thanks to social networks it is easier for us to approach our artists and let them know that we are her fans, this is what happened to an elderly lady who will soon fulfill her dream.

A video posted on TikTok moved thousands of people on social networks, because a grandmother She was thrilled when her grandchildren decided to give her a life-size cardboard cutoutl, of his favorite singer, Marco Antonio Solis or better known as the Buki.

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For many years, Mrs. She has taken it upon herself to tell her children and grandchildren that Buki is her boyfriendso on Mother’s Day her family did not hesitate to give her a big surprise.

The video that appears on the TikTok platform is titled “My grandmother’s reaction to seeing her cardboard boyfriend”. In the video clip it is observed that the grandchildren arrive outside the grandmother’s house with various gifts, among them, the singer’s cardboard figure.

The images show how one of the granddaughters knocks on the door; at that moment the granny opens it and the reaction is surprising, since all the grandchildren shout “Surprise!” at the same time.

At that moment, the elderly lady realizes that her life-size cardboard boyfriend came to visit her and celebrate her. Hence, Granny starts screaming with excitement and blows kisses at the figure of her boyfriend Marco Antonio Solís.

In the video, the grandmother is heard saying to Buki: “cool! Old chulada!” All the grandchildren burst out laughing and do not stop clapping. Without a doubt, a video that delights and moves those who see it.

But it turns out that after the TikTok video became popular on social media, Marco Antonio Solís himself heard the news and confirmed that he wants to meet the grandmother in person.

So he wrote on his social networks: “next time let me know and we organized ourselves to give him the hug live and in full color!!! Many congratulations and a hug with my best wishes.

Through Twitter, one of the granddaughters wrote to the artist. “Thank you very much, Marco Antonio Solis. My granny will be happy to receive the message from her. We hope to organize your visit soon to surprise you and thank you very much to all the people who made this possible. My grandmother is immensely happy.”

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