Grandfather shot to death grandson who hit him in his house

Grandfather shot to death grandson who hit him in his house | Special: Twitter

Last June 13, An Argentine grandfather shot to death his grandson who minutes before had brutally beaten him in his own home. The case has shocked the entire country and divided opinions on social networks.

local media they released the videos captured by a security camera that show what happened on June 13 outside the home of the 76-year-old grandfather located in a neighborhood of Bahía Blanca, a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the first video, it can be seen when the 29-year-old identified as Brian “N” arrives at his grandfather’s home and hits him at the entrance of his home while a woman tries to stop him and the elderly man only covers the blows with his arms.

In another recording, it is possible to see how the aggressor flees the place and, moments later, returns and kicks the door of the grandfather’s house until he manages to knock it down. that is when the older adult reacted by shooting his grandson.

According to local press reports, the grandfather identified as Domingo “N” shot his grandson five times in different parts of the body and minutes after killing him, was arrested on charges of homicide in excess of self-defense.

The local media reported that the 76-year-old grandfather is a retired military man and that due to his advanced age and because it was proven that he acted in self-defense, the authorities released him charged with homicide qualified by the link.

The attorney general of Bahía Blanca, Juan Pablo Fernández, justified the release granted to the retired soldier who killed his grandson with five bullets by assuring that there was an excess of self-defense since the young man had hit him moments before.

“In this case, in the case of a person of legal age, on the one hand, and a young man who had hit him before with a bare hand, the prosecutor understands that legitimate defense would concur but that there would be an excess because there were five shots.”

In this regard, prosecutor Jorge Viego released him after charging him with the crime of “qualified homicide by the link and for being committed with a firearm having exceeded the legitimate defense that was being exercised” to the detriment of his grandson.

“The crime was classified as homicide in legitimate defense, according to article 35 of the Penal Code, it contemplates a sentence of 1 to 5 years in prison, therefore, the defendant was not asked to arrest him since the crime is not arrestable “.

A judicial spokesman indicated that the autopsy determined that the young man received “five shots from a firearm in the abdominal region, chest, neck, cheek and shoulder”while “the septuagenarian presented different abrasions, apparently as a result of the blows received”.

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