Giuliana Rengifo affirms that she was with Alfredo Zambrano: “I never entered his house hooded” | Magaly Medina | entertainment

He told her everything. Giuliana Rengifo She was very upset with Magaly Medina’s latest comments about the time the singer dated Alfredo Zambrano. Likewise, she revealed that her lawyer was always a gentleman with her, since she never entered her home hooded.

On the other hand, she indicated that the popular “Urraca” refers to her in this way, because she would be “hurt” and does not accept that they have had an affair in the past.

All this controversy began after the show host talked about the relationship between the artist and the notary, implying that this romance meant nothing to him. This caused discomfort in Guiliana, who did not hesitate to answer loud and clear.


Giuliana Rengifo assures that she did not get into any relationship

Giuliana Rengifo denied having been with Alfredo Zambrano while he had a relationship with Magaly Medina. In addition, she clarified that she dated him when she was single, so she does not consider that she did anything wrong.

“The only thing I was looking for when I said that I had something with the man is that I never got into any relationship, well. They already said that at that time, six years ago, they were both single and that’s where I was with him,” he explained to Trome.

In addition, he added: “It does not add up to me to say that we had a relationship and I clarify that I never entered or left his house hooded. He entered and I left with her driver, because he also sent me to pick me up from the airport, he is a gentleman, but the lady does not get over it and she must understand that we all have a past and carry a ‘backpack’.

Giuliana Rengifo intervenes in a fight between Janet Barboza and Alfredo Zambrano. Photo: Capture/Willax/Instagram/LR

Giuliana Rengifo attacks Magaly Medina

The interpreter of “Agua de Veneno” sent strong comments against the presenter and mentioned that Magaly’s criticism is due to the fact that she does not overcome the relationship she had with her current husband 6 years ago.


“Yes, she is also hurt and I think she is one more victim because my conscience is clear, I think his is not. Sure. A relationship is for two, but I was never the other. In short, she, she is an opinologist and what she does is rubbish. I hope that she never again expresses herself with insulting qualifications towards me, ”she stated.

Giuliana Rengifo was fed up with the qualifiers she has received from Magaly Medina. Photo: Composite/Willax Capture/Instagram

Giuliana Rengifo reveals her doubts about ‘ampay’ with Christian Domínguez

The images shared on social networks about an alleged ampay between Christian Domínguez and Giuliana Rengifo annoyed the singer and hinted that Magaly Medía would be behind the account that spread the video. “I was very outraged. She was reviewing the page and everything (the content) was from the lady’s program (Magaly Medina). So what makes you think. They sent me several screenshots of many people who say that he is linked to the program, to the channel, to his fans. So, the producer ‘reposts’ it, to the same lady… ”, she pointed out.

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Giuliana Rengifo called Pamela Franco after “ampay” with cumbiambero

The singer specified that she had called Pamela Franco after the “ampay” with Christian Domínguez came to light. Giuliana Rengifo said that she contacted the leader of Puro Sentimiento to tell her that she had no relationship with her colleague.

“I wrote to her on Instagram, because she is not my friend either. As women and she as the head of her household, it is good that she knows that (the ampay) is false, and support among women is important, ”she indicated.

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