Galilea Montijo’s raw revelation about her toxic relationships

Galilea Montijo landed as the fifth member of divine nets promising to open his heart and show a side of him that until now he preferred to keep more protected. And we have to say that he has been fulfilling it, because in his first program he was encouraged to confess that all his relations before their marriage they were toxic.

After Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval, Natalia Téllez and Daniela Magun recounted their experiences and experiences in relationships, it was time to Galilea Montijo to answer what was the most toxic thing you did within a toxic relationship. After taking a few seconds to think, she answered very confidently:

“The most toxic thing… to continue in those toxic relationships. You realize why I allowed such a toxic relationship… of course, I never saw a mother, a father, as they were at home. So for me, at the first moment where I discovered that they were like that, where there was in some way this toxic part in a relationship or a lack of respect, well, I thought that was the case.

Why did Galilea Montijo allow such a toxic relationship?

The presenter confessed that she believes that much of the fact that she has endured for many years toxic relationships It has to do with the fact that she was totally alone, without knowing anyone, in a big city like Mexico City.

In 1993, when she was 19 years old, after winning a beauty pageant, she decided to move to Mexico City with the dream of becoming the star she wanted to be. It was a tough decision because she had to leave everything behind, her family, her friends and the place where she felt comfortable to immerse herself in one of the largest cities in the world totally alone.

It is for this reason that Galilea Montijo unconsciously she always wanted to have a boyfriend to be accompanied and not feel alone. She enduring mistreatment and attitudes that she today she, in perspective, she would not tolerate again under any point of view.

“All my relationships, all of them, were toxic in one way or another because I allowed it, because I thought it was, because I was afraid to be alone”he said as he recalled that moment in his life. And he continued: “I came to a city alone, I had no friends, I didn’t know anyone, I was afraid to be alone.”

Fortunately, after several setbacks, Gali met Ferdinand Queen whom she married in 2011 and with whom they had Mateo. Together they have formed a beautiful and healthy family with positive bonds, leaving behind all kinds of toxic relationships

Do you like the couple that formed with Fernando Reina?

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