Gabriel Monteiro confirms he offered money for homeless people to commit crimes

Gabriel Monteiro is getting more and more complicated before the courts

the councilor Gabriel Monteiro confirmed, on Tuesday night (21), to journalists, that he offered money for a homeless person to commit a crime in Lapa, Rio. Monteiro stated that the payment was a social experiment, in a campaign against femicide. The confirmation took place on the same day that the delegate of the 42nd DP, Luis Maurício Armond, and the military policeman Pablo Foligno testified before the Ethics Committee of the City Council of Rio, where a case is being processed against Gabriel Monteiro for breach of parliamentary decorum.

Delegate Luis Maurício Armond, invited by the councilman’s defense, was heard on Tuesday afternoon by the Commission that investigates whether or not Gabriel Monteiro committed a breach of parliamentary decorum. At the end of the testimony, the delegate spoke to the journalists and explained that one of the crimes for which the councilor is being investigated is the exposure of people in a state of vulnerability. According to Armond, from a legal point of view, forging a crime is illegal, regardless of whether or not it is an experiment.

“The simulation is fine, but the exposure is real. A situation is being simulated, but not all characters, from what is being ascertained, would be aware of this. Then it wouldn’t just be an act, it would have the possibility of unpredictable events. The risk is real,” said Luis Maurício Armond, police chief.

In the testimony given to the Ethics Committee, the delegate reported that in addition to the investigation that investigates the video in which Gabriel Monteiro and his team forge a crime of theft, the councilor is also being investigated for embezzlement, witness coercion, bribery and rape.

According to councilor Chico Alencar, rapporteur of the process in the Commission, the delegate confirmed in testimony that the investigation that investigates the videos that show Gabriel having sexual relations with an underage teenager is in the process of being concluded and there is an indication of sexual crime, based on the Child and Adolescent Statute.

Defense attorneys for Gabriel Monteiro claim that the councilor did not know that the young woman with whom he had sex was a minor, and that, at the time, she claimed to be 18 years old. Regarding the video that shows Gabriel and his team persuading a homeless person to commit a crime in Lapa, the lawyers claim that it is a “social experiment” and that there is no illegality, even with the councilor confessing to having paid money for the action.

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