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Without a doubt, considered the most emblematic band in Peru, Fragile It has a name earned over more than one generation. The voices of the famous song ‘Avenida Larco’ are getting ready to be the guests of the last concert that the Kiss group will give in our country, which will arrive as part of its definitive farewell from the stage.

Tavo Castillo, its leader and founder, points out that it will be held on May 4 at Arena 1 (San Miguel). “We don’t know Kiss,” he clarifies. The process is that they ask for videos of the most important bands in the country and from that they choose, of course, taking into account time and experience. We have already had the opportunity to open the concerts of Jethro Tull, The Rolling Stones and Foreiner. The first time Kiss came to Lima I saw them. It was impressive, tremendous and the technical deployment they use is spectacular”, confesses the musician through the telephone wire.


Fragile has undoubtedly gone through many moments in these 46 years of being founded. For Tavo, the pandemic was one of the hardest, a stage that he hopes never to experience again. “I see it in a historical and distant way. Not a pleasant time for the musicians who were the ones who suffered the most. People were not used to streaming. The first concert I did with my children at home. We make it nice. He supported us culture Ministry, which gave us a match that we used to produce it. I thought it was a success because more than three thousand people saw it and we have left it posted on Youtube as a thank you to those who collaborated and those who did not”.

You said that the only thing you regret is not having learned to sing. Do you think it’s too late?

I think it’s never too late for anything, I don’t know if I would, but I could try, although I’m more involved with the instruments. I have a large quantity that at home they already want to throw away (laughs). I like the collection of strange instruments from other countries that are not played just like that. What if I have a museum? No, no, but in a couple of years it could be. I’m on my way, but many times I don’t look for the instruments, they come to me.


You have said that thank God Frágil is used to swimming against the current and sticking his head out at any cost and that you know what foot Peru is limping on. What do you think of the current situation?

Look, I am an apolitical character, although there is also something of a lie there because one has to criticize or simply applaud good things, but in reality, from the little I see or find out from the newspapers or newscasts, it is a disaster. So much disunity, meanness, I think we are in one of the worst moments in the country. Things are a bit adrift. On the other hand, most politicians see their well-being and benefit their quote-unquote friends who subsidized their campaigns and I see that all the accusations and mistreatment come to nothing. It is very sad that such a beautiful country, full of riches, is now denigrated, where even one day people were forced not to go out. That only happens here.

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