For Emmanuel Macron, a government of national unity “is not justified to date”

Published on June 22, 2022 at 8:31 p.m.

For Emmanuel Macron, a government of national unity “is not justified to date” – © LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

For his first official speech since the results of the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron claimed to “hear” the “desire for change that the country has clearly expressed”.

Three days after the setback of the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron spoke for the first time this Wednesday at 8 p.m. The President’s speech was eagerly awaited, after the loss of his absolute majority and the entry into force of the RN and the Nupes in the National Assembly.

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The President of the Republic recognized the “fractures” shown by the legislative elections. “We must collectively learn to govern and legislate differently. Building new compromises in dialogue, listening, respect. This is what you wanted and I take note of it,” declared the Head of State who, since Tuesday, has consulted the main political forces in the country,

“The need for political overcoming”

“I exchanged yesterday and today with all the leaders of the political parties who are able to form a group in the National Assembly”, underlined Emmanuel Macron. Before continuing: “All expressed their respect for our institutions and their desire to avoid a blockage for our country. […] Most of the leaders I have received have ruled out the possibility of a government of national unity, which, moreover, is not, in my view, justified to date. »

The President, who said he was “convinced of the need for political overcoming”, considered “it is possible in the crucial moment that we are living through to find a larger and clearer majority to act. »

Reaffirmation of his project

“From this summer we will have to take, we know, emergency measures to meet the needs of the country and your daily life”, promised Emmanuel Macron, before listing: “a law for purchasing power, and for work to pay better; first decisions to move towards full employment; strong choices on energy and climate; emergency measures for our health, whether it is our hospital or the epidemic. The President went on to say that the country “needs ambitious reforms to continue creating more wealth, more jobs, and more innovation. »

The reactions of the opposition

Immediately after the president’s speech, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the Insoumis recalled that, according to him, the voters “have mostly rejected the proposals of the candidates of the President of the Republic. Nothing can erase this reality. »

The one who led the Nupes, the left alliance, during the legislative elections affirms that “the executive is weak but the National Assembly is strong with all the legitimacy of its election”. This is why he calls on the Prime Minister to “appear before the National Assembly and seek its confidence, if she does not have its confidence, she must go. »

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