Fiorella Retiz denounces theft of her house and announces legal action after being a “victim of harassment” | Aldo Miyashiro | entertainment

Through their social networks, Fiorella Retiz She stated that she felt tormented and was a “victim of harassment” by the press. As it is recalled, the reporter was harshly criticized after being protected with Aldo Miyashiro by Magaly’s cameras.

What did Fiorella Retiz say?

Fiorella Retiz denounced on her Instagram account that she was a “victim of harassment” by some media outlets. In addition, she revealed that she suffered a robbery in her home.

“In recent months, I have been a situation that has been putting my personal safety and the safety of my family members at risk. I understand and respect the work of journalists; however, there are limits that should not be exceeded. Unfortunately on Monday (which has been exposed) ”, she shared through a story on Instagram.

Fiorella Retiz denounces harassment and theft at her home. Photo: Instagram


What legal measures will Fiorella Retiz take?

Due to the constant harassment, Retiz announced that he will take legal action to defend his privacy and protect the security of his home.

“I urge you to stop such acts, which do nothing but put me in danger. It should be noted that if said acts do not desist, ”he concluded.

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