Fernanda Castillo poses with a colorful skirt and corset outfit that marks her curves

The film actress is a fan of sharing with her followers beautiful outfits and details of her life, so on this occasion she posed with a colorful skirt and corset outfit that marked her curves, a true goddess this woman in the company of her partner.

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Fernanda Castillo always shares beautiful outfits on her social networks that highlight her charms, and today she decided to pose in a bowling in the company of her partner. The actress wore a very colorful outfit that included a long-sleeved blouse and a corset-type strap with black details.

These garments were combined with a bright wine skirt, black socks and the typical bowling shoes. For this outfit she added a red flower necklace. Her hair was tied up in a high bun, while her make-up she settled for black eyeliner and nude lips.

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Immediately, her followers began to fill the section with many compliments, there were even some who asked her what the recipe was to look so young, and yes, this woman is impressive, although she does follow very disciplined habits in feeding and exercise.

The proof of this was his message today to all his followers, where he explains that despite having gotten up unmotivatedexercising will always be the best medicine, and yes, exercise frees you, even if it is complicated at first.

“When there are days like today when I am tiredwithout desire and with a long day ahead and still get on the bike and exercise even for 20 minutes, I realize that I am better than my best excuse”, he always tries to motivate his followers in many aspects.

In other news, the last thing we have known in labor matters is that he is having a lot of success in the work Seven Times Goodbyeof which he is the protagonist, since he shared the congratulations of his entire audience in several stories, they were delighted with his interpretation.

So far they are only news that the actress has shared on her social networks, although surely in the course of days she will surprise us with more details of her life or beautiful outfits that highlight her charms, like today’s, which is impressive.

We will keep you abreast of any news that arises on social networks, especially outfits, which give your followers ideas to combine seasonal garmentsas on this occasion that wore this colorful outfit, in a skirt and corset type.

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