FBC talks about his journey in Rap: ‘I’m still at the beginning’

FBC is another rapper from Minas Gerais to star in the national scene

Created in the rhyming battles of Belo Horizonte, and former member of DV Tribo, extinct rap group from Minas Gerais formed by names like Djonga, Clara Lima and Hot & Oreia, FBCknown as ‘Padrim’, gradually conquered the country with his solo music and also with his incredible marketing work done organically on social networks.

Yesterday, together with the beatmaker VHOOR who was his great partner in the acclaimed album “BAILE”, FBC gave an interview, nothing more, nothing less than on the Globo network to the renowned journalist Pedro Bial. There, he talked a little about his introduction into the musical environment: “I ran after it. Years and years I spent in the periphery, without internet and I came to BH, I met people, I understood what hip-hop was. Today I am years old, I finally bought my keyboard, set up my studio…. I am wanting to learn more and more. I’m still at the beginning,” said the rapper.

FBC also told that he was a very young father (at 19 years old) and this made him, in addition to maturing quickly, also made him feel emotion when talking about the theme: “I have a song called ‘Senhor’, where many people ask me if I have a father or if he died. In fact, I have a father and in the various songs I talk about his absence, it’s because he left for work very early and arrived home very late. I did not have this experience with my father and I wanted to do it differently with my children,” he explained.

“If you’re single” was one of the biggest hits of last year. Viralized as a trend on social networks, the success played in all the speakers on the beaches of the last Brazilian New Year’s Eve. FBC already revealed that the beats of the song, part of his new album “Baile – Uma Ópera Miami”, were designed to create just that effect.

And this isn’t the first time FBC created a trend to make his work viral. At the release of the Padrim album, in 2019, several famous profiles such as Mano Brown and Marília Mendonça began to post the phrase “11/15 trust”, or just the date on Twitter. Created by the rapper to promote the work, the date became a day to celebrate national hip-hop.

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